How To Increase Your Wealth Through Taxes (Legally And Ethically)

This high-spirited intellect, Michel Valbrun – a reputed CPA & Entrepreneur, is quite a mesmerizing surprise to the world of tax systems where he uniquely helps every entrepreneur/business owner solve their tax issues by thinking creatively and out of the box. While other CPAs are unable to think outside their syllabus and stick to the old proven systems, Michel takes an extra mile to make it work for you.

One of Michel Valbrun’s clients gushes, ‘Michel Valbrun is the epitome of professionalism. Working with Michel has been extremely valuable. He provides insights and expertise for my company. Not only does he thoroughly go through a tailored tax strategy for you, but he brings plenty of expertise to the equation. If you’re in the market for a tax strategist or general guidance when it comes to your business finances, I highly recommend him.’

Michel – After Being Out Of University

Michel has also been writing about finance and accountancy for many years now. His work has been featured and recognized in many magazines and journals that are especially dedicated to the financial sector. Some of them are – Entrepreneur, Business News Daily, AICPA Journal of Accountancy, The Street, and more. Sometime later, he came with his first book – Prolific Profit: How Successful Businesses Maximize Profits and Dominate the Market. This is a free ebook available from his website which contains a blueprint for business owners which aims to show them how they can turn their ideas into concerns that will make long-term and on-going profits. 

In his free time, Michel also contributes his efforts to volunteer work. While he enjoys reading, attending personal development conferences and public speaking, his bigger dream for the future is to help people fulfill their Prolific Purpose. For him, it is to provide a financial transformation for over 1 million people, through value-added professional services and education to business owners.

Mr Valbrun says, ‘Protecting your assets isnʼt as easy as waltzing down to the nearest tax business, paperwork in hand. Why? Most CPAs are solely focused on tax prep. In fact, they focus solely on tax prep because that is typically all they are taught in school, and therefore, all they know.’ Valbrun decided to take a different route after a chance encounter made him feel like he could do a better job serving clients. The experimentation and creative out of the box thinking has helped him come this far with his intellect.

If you donʼt have a solid plan in place, a CPA like Michel Valbrun can direct you with the most reliable advice. Do you realise that without this you might just end up spending 50% of your money on taxes! If you’re letting your hard earned money slip right through your fingers and into the hands of the IRS – it is on you! To get some tax or finance saving advice from the genius himself, check out his website and save all your money to create wealth for the upcoming generations.