So here we are in 2017. It sounds so futuristic to me. In between work, traveling and life, I set aside an hour yesterday to sit in my favorite cafe to list my 7 wishes for the year. I was realistic, dreamy and most importantly ensured they are fun and empowering.

Da Vinci carried a notebook everywhere he went and would write or draw anything that moved him. Two of his to do’s was to: Calculate the measurement of Milan and to draw Milan. Some of Johnny Cash’s to do’s from his famous list include 1) kissing June, 2) not kissing anyone else 3) not eat too much, 4) Practice Piano 5) Go see mum

Looking forward. It’s what we do best. There is no way to erase. Life is a journey. There is so much value in changing and setting time to reflect; no matter what the date or time.

1. Think about the micro dreams you want to achieve. Explore what you would like to do more, wear more, say more, see more, feel more.

2. Find an inspiring place to write your Wish List; whether it is your favorite cafe or a peaceful garden or even your living room with your favorite tunes in the background.

3. Get a piece of paper or your laptop and start listing your Wish List.

Some things to think about:

  1. Emotions
  2. Advice & Friendship
  3. Authenticity & Individuality
  4. Focus
  5. Self- Reflection
  6. Perception
  7. Senses
  8. Habits
  9. Imagination

“The law of attraction is forming your entire life experience and it is doing that through your thoughts. When you are visualising, you are emitting a powerful frequency out into the Universe.” The Secret

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