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Perhaps you don’t set resolutions, instead you decide ok this year I want to achieve a promotion, go on a holiday or turn my hobby into a business. You start taking inspired action toward these heart-felt desires. Each new year creates the opportunity for a fresh start, a new direction, or a review of your journey to success. 
What intentions did you set for yourself? Did you set a realistic path or perhaps you set those ‘big scary, hairy goals’ and now realise maybe they seem so far out of your reach. Or indeed – you are truly on your path and deserve to pause, reflect and congratulate yourself!
There is no right or wrong method to setting your goals – although you might read all manner of ‘how to’ guides. There are lots of really great tools available to help you plan, get organised and launch you in a particular direction. The best guide though is to be true to you, be real and genuinely you! Be authentic to who you are and to the people around you. 
As you consider each pursuit, are you following your own passion, or are you doing something because of someone else’s expectations of who you should be?  Consider what makes you want to get out of bed and be excited about your daily life?

Do what YOU love.

Being courageous in your endeavours, might require a financial investment or you want to improve your current financial situation. If you are doing what you truly love and have a positive attitude about wealth and abundance, the positive energy you give out will flow around and reward you.  Remember the saying about ‘karma’, the cycle of cause and effect, what goes round – comes round. 

Set aside time each day to be thankful for your health, the home you have, the friends and family around you.  Too often we take these things for granted. Strive for meaningful relationships – create friendships, nurture, validate and support the people around you.  Importantly, have a positive relationship with yourself.  Develop a true awareness of who you are and be ‘present’ in each pursuit.
Getting on being busy, we almost wear busy-ness as a badge of honour. So I encourage you to take a few moments to pause, reflect and express gratitude, perhaps start a ‘gratitude journal’ and record your daily reflections.

Meditation is a great way to truly connect with the essence of who you are. To be the best version of you – believe you are worthy, you are valued and you are loved. Quiet contemplation brings your attention to the ‘here and now’. Each quiet moments is an opportunity for inner reflection, increased self-awareness, and re-connection to your authentic self. 

To support your meditation, I suggest a blend of essential oils combined with your chosen carrier oil and massaged to the souls of your feet. Try:
* Peppermint – aids in reconnecting to your passion and true purpose
* Lavender – calms emotions and increases nurturing feelings toward self
* Lemon – clears the mind toward rational thinking
* German Chamomile – release old habits, let go of self-imposed limitations
* Frankincense – brings feelings of stability; aids to deepen and slow the breath.

Breathe deeply into your abdomen for a count of 4 and exhale for a count of 6-8. Repeat 3 or 4 times then return to your natural quiet breath.

(Check for any contraindications or allergies when using essential oils. For example avoid during the first trimester of pregnancy and seek guidance from your preferred wellness practitioner.)

Refreshed, Renewed
With this renewed focus and self-belief recognise and reward yourself for each small (or big) achievement. Be kind to yourself when set-backs occur, consider what you are learning from the experience. There is a reason for everything. My personal belief is we never stop learning – every experience teaches us something. A set-back teaches you to adjust, build resilience and continue to move forward.
You might become aware there is now a different path to the one you originally set. There are many pathways on the journey of self-discovery as we strive toward higher aspirations. Understand too, that it is ok to ask for support and guidance from trusted friends or seek out a mentor. Reach out to others. A shared experience can bring valuable insights. You can then be guided to realise what truly works for you, the real you.
Yours in harmony,


  • Julie Timmins

    Author, Aromatherapist, Time Line Therapist, Massage Therapist, Meditation Facilitator

    Life Enhancement Factor and The Aroma Coterie

    Julie’s career covers more than 30 years across a broad range of industries including - information technology, manufacturing, professional services (legal), aged care and retail. Life Enhancement Factor is an innovative, holistic lifestyle range of services that support you by allowing your mind to gain freedom from any level of self-doubt or insecurity, to embrace new levels of confidence and personal empowerment. Services are conducted in a safe, compassionate and nurturing environment, where you can realise your ability to take control of life's challenging situations, and reach your highest potential. Julie assists you to overcome self-sabotaging thought patterns. With renewed self-awareness you are on the path to achieving your goals. At the Aroma Coterie, Julie will guide you to experience a state of total mind, body & soul connection, by using a unique mindfulness approach to aromatherapy and massage. Aromatherapy clinical consultations will support you to achieve your optimal wellness goals.