Some psychologists don’t believe that “midlife crisis” even exist. But psychologists do recognize the feeling of severe angst upon realizing that over half one’s life had been lived and ahead lay the grave.

When a person reaches middle age, it seems almost certain to have missed life goals and there is little hope to achieve something new. It is frustrating that most of the life has been unsuccessful. People show symptoms of the crisis in many ways.

Many psychologists may raise doubt about the crisis but several researchs show a significant drop in happiness between the ages of 30 and 50. There are evidences that people experience a midlife psychological ‘low’.

I believe in mid-life crisis. I had worked as life coach before I became a business consultant. I counseled many people who were more than 50 years. They described their remorse feeling when they have reached this age.

They are not happy with their jobs when they find out that their classmates are very well established. They are not satisfied with their wives either. They would go back to their young ages and achieve things that they missed.

I don’t agree that the midlife crisis hits men aged 45–64 years. This could be true some decades ago. But we now have greater longevity. I think that mid-life crisis starts not from 45 but from 55 or more.

The signs of midlife crisis is visible.

When an older man starts looking girls half of his age, it is obvious sign of middle age crisis. When a aged woman suddenly starts using excessive makeup and color on hair, it is a first symptom of the crisis.

When the midlife crisis would start that depends on one’s lifestyle. This crisis hit more or less everyone. Some can escape relatively easy and some are hit hard.

People start looking for their old school friends on social media. They start investigating how they are doing these days and start comparing their own positions with theirs. They even consider career change in this late age.

They discover that they have become old but they don’t want to recognize that . They start watching watch young girls with desire despite knowing that they are out of reach.

The midlife crisis is defined as the transition of identity and self-confidence that can occur in middle-aged individuals, typically 45–64 years old .

People who try to date young girls pay heavy price for that. They don’t get young girls. consequences, they end up breaking up with their wives.

Some people who tried to compete their successful friends by changing jobs. They did not get the new job, but end up losing the job they have

People should be careful when symptoms of midlife crisis starts showing up.

I have seen that some middle aged men have broken up with their wives, some lose their jobs as they try to start a new career in an effort to choose their successful friends.

The midlife crisis can hit both men and women. One must be very careful to tackle the crisis.

Unlike youth age, it is impossible to have a new start-up. It is time to prepare for your retired life. If you screw up, then that is like checkmate. You can hardly get a new wife, job or most importantly a new life. So don’t let midlife crisis hit you..

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