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A wise woman once told me that the first 50 years of my life were the dress rehearsal for the main performance of my life. I thought that was one of the strangest things I had heard at the time. How wrong I was.

Looking back, I realize that in my 20s, I chased money. In my 30s, I chased prestige. In my 40s, I chased recognition and control.Then my husband died suddenly and all I sought was peace of mind and clarity.

When I crossed the 50 mark line, unlike some, I didn’t feel as though the best years were behind me. Instead, I knew, the best was yet to come. And I was right. You either grow old or you age gracefully, kicking the butt of ageism at every turn. Proving the multitude of ageist stereotypes wrong. Happily and unapologetically.

As a mom of millennials, I’m always committed to the gracefulness of it all. My sons keep me on my toes and I remind them that, I was a grown ass woman before I was their mama.

This past week we went back and forth about the NBA draft and “Gucci verzuz Jeezy” And of course, I continue to instill in them the wisdom gained along my journey thus far. No need to reinvent the wheel when so much knowledge and experience is within this maternal arm’s reach.

Life is good and yes, there is love – real love, after loss. I’m living proof of such. My peace of mind is priceless, my happiness and tolerance for BS are non-negotiable, and my smile and the myriad of opportunities are endless.

In two months the inauguration will include the country’s first female, first Black, and Indian Vice President. This phenomenal woman is 56 years old! Somebody needs to hear this. Be a good spirit and share this message with them. Especially a mom on the brink of becoming an emptynester.

Motherhood is not where dreams go to die.®

Recapture your YOU. Sis, show the world what you’re working with!

“Sis,” you ask? Yes sis. When I call another woman “Sis” I’m establishing my identity with her as her teammate, not her competition. We’re all on this journey, running this race and I think it’s a whole lot better if we agreed to run it together.

What say you?


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