Midnight Fog is a collection of poetry published December of 2016. Stumbling upon segments of Greyson’s work on Instagram, I decided to purchase her chapbook. What I thought would be simple and somewhat trite, like most poetry trending nowadays. I was startled to find a lyrical masterpiece that was not only relatable but encompassed a grave vulnerability.

Threaded alongside eerie black and white photos, her words transported me to issues I was currently facing in my own life. The poem ‘Solitude’ depicts the author’s experience of loneliness and the struggles of commitment. This poem I found distressingly relatable and somewhat hard to read.

The author further delves into fears of mediocrity and small-minded people attempting to hold her back, which literally could have been pages out of my own life.
Although Greyson’s work is not divided into chapters, her poetry flows seamlessly from one page to another, building a story, creating an atmosphere, and painting a picture. One can almost feel her emotions seeping off the pages.

Midnight Fog is a rare gem, fittingly encapsulating pain, confusion, doubt, and sewing them eloquently into surreal sentences that linger long after finishing this book. And because of such perfection, I will continue to revisit Midnight Fog, toiling over the pages I have earmarked, rereading my favorites couplets on the days when only poetry makes sense.