I grew up unshackled from the limits imposed by the two letter word that has become the line between a child and an adult: NO. It seems to me that once we learn to digest and fear the word “no” we become inhibited by holding back our feelings, words and subsequent growth.

When we learn “no” we stop our evolutionary process, as we have become programmed sheep who have accepted using only 10% of our mental acumen, as normal….can’t we do better?

I think that we are atop the animal chain and as the most evolved, we possess any of the attributes of all “lower” species…thus not only can we see better than cats and smell better than dogs, we also have retracted our wings…

Superman most certainly was not the first of us to fly, we all can fly when we accept out inner knowledge of flight. In my journeys, I have discovered that not only can we fly, we can fly without standard wings…we have the ability to transport via quantum teleportation.

…I used to think that my flights were limited to dreams, until I realized that our dream states are spectral densitometric journeys into alternate diminensions:

…digesting, accepting and practicing this theorem at an early age, I began to travel beyond the limits imposed by offsprings of the Wright Brothers…

Image: NASA

We are more that specks on this planet or bozos on a bus — we are psychophysicaltransformative beings who have alternate placements across galaxy’s, time with infinite bandwidth to do more.

…as we can “fly” without wings, it seems opening our 4th & 5th eyes are early steps in our realization of who we can be and who we really are.

Originally published at medium.com