Michael Giannulis

People face tremendous stress when they spend most of their time at home as part of the measures to combat the coronavirus. Not knowing how to spend the time at home meaningfully is one of the main reasons for stress build-up. The uncertainty about health and the economy is only adding to the woes. The mental stress causes unhappiness and affects people’s behavior, as evident from the sharp rise in domestic violence during the lockdowns.

People are desperately trying to come to terms with the new lifestyle, but the lack of direction in life is severely affecting our wellness and wellbeing.  How to spend time at home meaningfully, what to eat, and how to stay active are questions that people ask, and here are some answers from Michael Giannulis.

List your needs first when shopping for food items, says Mike Giannulis

The fear of sudden lockdowns can trigger panic reaction among people, which leads to the overstocking of food items as everyone is skeptical about availability in the long run due to disruptions in supply chains. Stay away from hoarding food items as it can lead to scarcity in the market and deprive others of their share besides pushing up prices. Another fear is that you could land up with too many unwanted items in your fridge and cabinets that can trigger unhealthy eating as you would be compelled to consume it without wasting.

Give preference to fresh products

 What you eat matters most during the pandemic because the wrong choice of food can make you sick and compromise your immunity, thereby increasing infection risk. Although supply chains are not as smooth as before, it should still not be a problem finding fresh food products with shorter shelf-life. Buy fruits and vegetables and dairy products that contain lean fat and give preference to fresh items over perishables in your buying list.  Frozen fruits can be a viable alternative to fresh foods due to their ability to preserve the nutrients for a long time, and it can be a part of your diet that promises good health.

Take home cooked meals

Since you are now at home throughout the day, try your hand in cooking some of your favorite dishes without losing focus on their nutritional value. Cook some recipes that you could not find time earlier to cook at home and use the opportunity to demonstrate your culinary expertise. Search online to experiment with some new recipes that are delicious and healthy. Use all available information and experiment with the ingredients available in your stock without compromising the health aspect.

Focus on portion sizes

Resist the lure of overeating when you are at home because when you have nothing to do, you might feel that gorging on some of your choicest food can help pass the time. 

Instead of thinking about food too much when you have nothing to do, turn your attention to some other things that might interest you. Do some gardening, solve some puzzles, play with your kids, and see how enjoyable life is amid the pandemic.