Sneakerhead culture has been on the rise in recent times. And while a worldwide community of sneaker lovers has been around for decades, the subcategory has exponentially grown in recent years as more and more enthusiasts enter the scene.  At the head of the pack are influencers like Michael J. Mitchell, also known as MikeTheCompass.

The influencer and sneaker expert owns and runs one of the most popular sneaker-focused channels on YouTube today called A Sneaker Life. The channel has over 539,000 subscribers to date and gathers tens of thousands of views in any given week. 

The YouTuber’s journey as a social media and digital influencer began after high school when he first went job hunting as a way to gear up for college. Michael applied for a position in a Nike outlet store but never got a call back from management despite having a friend on the inside. While the experience was frustrating and demotivating for MikeTheCompass, he chose to keep pressing on. 

Later on, Michael won a CHSAA Community All Star Award, which gave him the chance to meet NBA star Chauncey Billups, and it came with a thousand-dollar check. Initially, Michael put the money aside for college, but later on, he decided to put it into a business idea. He called the business A Sneaker Life.

What started as a small side later grew into a full-fledged business. Fast forward to today, A Sneaker Life is a behemoth of a content creation company, offering up fresh video content to sneakerheads all over the world. Apart from generating revenue from sneaker-themed content and sponsorships, the company also boasts a well-stacked ecommerce store that offers some of the freshest kicks in the market.

The popularity of sneakers grew massively in the past decade as more and more workplaces started ditching formal wear and embraced more relaxed and casual environments and dress codes. In many cities all across the country, the pace of life is picking up fast. And as things go faster, people are opting into more comfortable and easy-going footwear to help them keep up with the pace. The rise of influencers in the field of music, sports, and lifestyle, which include athletes, celebrities, influencers, and hip-hop artists have also added to the growth of sneaker culture. 

And all this, Michael has learned to capitalize on. A true entrepreneur by heart, he knows what it takes to spot trends and to jump into them even before any of the big players take notice. A trailblazer by nature, MikeTheCompass is quickly establishing his dominant presence in sneakerhead circles all around the world.

When asked what it takes to succeed in life and business, Michael points to the value of authenticity. “I believe my viewers see that my content isn’t solely based on clout and how I truly care for your viewers,” shares Michael. Apart from speaking on sneaker trends, Michael also uses his platform to deliver inspirational content. 

MikeTheCompass is only getting started. He looks to motivate more people to pursue their dreams and passions and work hard to build a business out of what they love doing. To follow MikeTheCompass, visit his YouTube channel, website, and Instagram account.