If your future self would appear right in front of you today, do you think he or she would be proud of what you’ve accomplished and become? More importantly, is there something you can do to improve yourself so your future you will be happy and proud? Luckily, Agostino Marengo is here to help. The successful Millennial life coach has some pretty useful tips on how you can go on a journey of self-growth and self-improvement. His FSP Method will equip you with the necessary tools to overcome professional and personal gaps for a better you. Learn more about Agostino Marengo and his FSP Method below.

About Agostino

In order to appreciate the methods Agostino teaches, it’s best to get a background on the Millennial life coach. Ago isn’t just any life coach; he works closely with Millennials as an executive coach and empowers them to be the best they can be. Today, he’s spending almost all of his time investing in people and helping them grow. He believes that by building up other people he’ll grow along with them in a kind of combined success.

Ago is lucky to have had a clear vision of what he was destined to do with his life around 20 years ago. In a manifestation dream, he saw all the people in the world waking up inspired to do better than they did the day before. These people were determined to do everything they can in every single aspect of their life, from work to family and everything in-between. More importantly, each individual acted as if their future self was proud of them. His motto? “Live as if your future self is watching. Make him or her proud!”

Ago’s Target – The Millennials

Ago mainly helps Millennials with their career or entrepreneural journey using the FSP, or the Future Self Proud method. Everything begins with a clear mission definition, followed by writing down tasks and goals. Then, Agostino shows them how to adopt a positive attitude and behavior to lead them down the path to success.

Why Future Self Proud?

Ago states that everything begins with a firm commitment, a path that should be built step by step towards one’s goals. The truth is, everyone has room for improvement on different aspects of their lives. The only problem is, we don’t like to change and stubbornly cling to our negative beliefs. Agostino believes that when one actively combats that stubbornness and all those negative habits, a wonderful transformation happens. It takes guts and courage to try and reverse your current way of life and to proactively choose new habits.

The Millennial Life Coach says that there are 3 kinds of knowledge- Savoir Faire, or knowledge of doing, Savoir Vivre, or knowing how to live and Savoir Etre, or knowing how to be. It’s important that we combine all these three to build relationships, improve trust, self-awareness and confidence and managing your passions and beliefs. Thru FSP one can make the world a better place one idea at a time.

How You Can Apply The FSP Method

Agostino Marengo speaks about Future Self Proud as a way to build up on positive behaviors and changes that can only be found within ourselves. The passion that comes will be the driving force that propels you forward. Energy, Goals and Passion are the 3 levers that you must use each day to make your “future self” proud of you. Ago offers some tips on how you can be a Millennial winner:

1. Don’t Put off What Can Be Done Today

2. Take Responsibility of Your Day-To-Day Actions

3. Time Management Is Key to Better Productivity and Efficiency

4. Always Have a Goal in Mind

5. Commit to Your Tasks 100% of the Time

6. Be Kind to Yourself and Others

7. Always Focus on What’s Ahead

8. Always Be Happy and Grateful

Winning is sweet, but it will take commitment, responsibility and consistency. It’s a simple path but the way is paved with challenges. The secret to success isn’t talent, but dedication and hard work. Winning behavior is always setting goals ahead of time and completing it in the best way possible. As a final note, Ago states that we are responsible for working hard every day until we get to reach our goals. Being consistent and grinding it out beats doing nothing and staying stationary. It’s all about passion, energy and hard work.