We mimic

What we know

For it’s scary to create a new world

We mimic

what we see

For it’s painful to see reality

We mimic

What we hear

For it’s overwhelming to hear truth

We mimic

What we feel

For the feelings we know are safety

We mimic

The patterns we have experienced

For it’s all we know

We mimic

The pain deep in our hearts

For it makes us feel alive

We mimic

The family we grew up in

For familiarity it better than growth

We mimic

Those around us

For it’s painful to create our own identity


We mimic

The lives of generations before

Until we heal

And realise

That sometimes

Just sometimes

It’s our responsibility

To heal

The generations to come

And although they say

Imitation is the best form of flattery

Do not believe that

For imitation is fake

And creation is real