Amrut Deshmukh - Mind Behind Make India Read

All of us have come across the Superman, Batman and Spider-man and other people who inspired society with action & results. Now this booklet man (known as Booklet Guy) in India putting his efforts to encrypts books in just 15 minute text and audio messages for the ease of reading.

Just to invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk. Are you spending more time listening to book summaries than on reading books? It’s an after-effect of a ‘Make India Read’ initiative founded by the Amrut Deshmukh from India, who comes up with weekly book summaries, both text and audio on global bestsellers. The service works on both WhatsApp and through Amrut’s Booklet app, where readers are updated each time he comes up with a book summary of a bestseller.

Deshmukh along with books for his Make India Read initiative

“A few years back, my friend and I reached early to a theater. The movie was yet to begin so we started talking about books. I had just read Stephen Covey’s book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People then and decided to share with my friend a summary of it that hooked me to it. My friend was really impressed with my narration and how I summarized an entire book [of 432 pages] within a few minutes. My friend gave me the idea to send such summaries via WhatsApp text messages, to our group of friends, for every book that I read,” says Deshmukh.

His book summaries on WhatsApp and his Booklet app are aimed at making India read more

Amrut Deshmukh summarized his first book — Wings of Fire and circulated the summary to few of his friends to read. While the idea of circulating a text summary on WhatsApp groups became a hit in few days, he also started recording and circulating audio messages.

His journey to fame began with 15 friends, who regularly read and appreciated his efforts to help them read fat books in little time. The number of people who started receiving these summaries grew to about 2000 readers, from across India and now has reached to almost 1 millions! Now, readers even request their favorite books or authors’s work to be summarized.

Deshmukh encrypts books in just 20 minute text and audio messages for the ease of reading

He signs off with message:-

“Yet, this would still be a social enterprise. I will never charge word readers for this mission ever, because reading books have altered the way I look at life, financially and what not. It has opened me to fiction, which I otherwise detested. A lot of people like my fiction-summaries. The genre has made me an empathetic person.”