Neuroplasticity and the Art of Harnessing the Law of Attraction

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This article is part of a series of articles and master class videos, worksheets, and discussions revealing the secrets behind the power of your mind for the manifestation of all your desires.

I share techniques, practices and exercises inspired by the world’s thought leaders in the areas of mind Mastery and the Law of attraction to help you learn to use the findings in the field of Neuroscience to your advantage for your Acting Career Success.

Actor, know the root of your power: Mindset Mastery.

You are a human being with the inbuilt ability to create the life you desire whatever that might be. Your main ingredients to designing your unique path are belief, focus and joy. Joy is the ultimate creator.

When you have a clear vision of what you want, injected with desire, you have already created this vision, and it exists vibrationally. You then only need the joyful anticipation of the manifestation of your desires, belief and expectation. This is faith, the evidence of what you do not see. You can feel it. You can close your eyes and explore all your desires manifesting. Feel it and enjoy those feelings; there lies your power as a creator.

Everything is vibration. The precise manifestation depends on the creator, their joy their expectations, their beliefs and the clarity of their vision. The Universe works best with a clear picture of what you desire. The language of the Universe is love, emotion and bright, vivid images. Consider those your exchange currency what you give in exchange for your manifestations. Yet you must focus only on what you want and completely ignore what you lack, fear or dislike. Also, you need to believe 100% offer no resistance. Train your mind to focus on things you believe in without a doubt or a problem. Soothe yourself into better thinking when you feel resistance and doubt creeping in.

Everything you believe in, and you focus on, you are creating it.

The more attention and intensity you devote to your desires, the faster they will appear in your life. Spend time planning your roadmap to acting Career success. Please focus on the parts you intend on enjoying the most and start enjoying them now by thinking about them often. Ask for guidance. Seek support, let help come to you.

Know that whatever you truly desire belongs to you. You are creating it with your powerful desire, fuelling it with your belief and feeding it with your joy. It’s here, and it’s yours.

Use Joy to Create and Manifest your wildest Dreams.

To achieve this fast take time every day to imagine what is coming and really enjoy that time. But also do it while being present. Be present in the here and now and grateful for all that you have. Love the fact that the sun rises every day and sets every evening. Love the air you breathe. Be -In -The -Moment.

Be sure to think positive as a rule. Practice this.

Know that you receive what you believe. If you trust in a successful and fulfilling acting career and focus on that truth with joy and expectation you get it, there is no other way; it is Law.


“Behold what lies ahead of my path, it’s amazing I am a powerful creator.”

Inspired by Abraham Hicks.

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