As kids we all have more than couple of times prayed for an unexpected holiday , teacher falling sick for no reason , cancellation of exams , extension of holidays etc . This list of excuses can go on and on with more variety being added every year . God’s above must have laughed out loud after every innovative thought , about closure of schools was mentioned .
Children seem to be more focused about not attending school rather towards academic excellence.
All this must have really amused the God and his helpers alike.

To add on even the housewives prayed and prayed that their husbands should be more involved in house hold chores . Should spend more time with them and children . Well and how can we not mention the office going crowd . They too more often asked for a day off , may be at times became greedy and ended up asking for luxury called work from home .

Humans kept on including requests like traffic free roads , clean rivers , pure air in their daily prayers . How can we omit the fact that men as a race irrespective of caste , creed and colour, prayed for zero shopping encounters . Women on the other hand secretly desired to double their monetary assets .

Lo and behold , God accepted every ones’ request . But it came with a down side . We completely forgot about moral lessons which came along with Bruce Almighty . We kind of forgot to take responsibility for our actions , in this case desires . Totally ignored the fact that every action has an equal an opposite reaction . At some point all of us are
accountable for our aspirations .
At this turning and testing times , there are two basic life support systems which need to be embraced by one and all . First one is immortal – change being the only constant and second one being more important – feeling of contentment . He who understands the two life governing principles , never judges any situation that life throws at him . He simply deals with it , learns to grow with it rather than complain . He who accepts and adapts fares well .