Our thoughts are a direct influence on our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Our world we all live in has huge promise, the transforming of clean energy, the new methods of growing our food, the way we look after each other, how we learn, how we shop and how we do business with each other.

I live with no fears about these emerging technologies, they offer more opportunity for prosperity and harmony than any other time in history. As for the problems we face with that, I am sure we will work them out.

The words to a song come to mind…… “The Logical Song” Supertramp.

It’s an equation between the opportunities and the problems.

With that said this technology alone is not going to solve the inequality in this world.

My specialism is the Capital of the Mind the Heart and the Soul, Emotional Capital, Creative Capital, Ideas Capital, Connection Capital, Story Capital and Dream Capital. that pays off in terms of higher productivity.

All the areas of our ‘beyond reason’.

Individually and our businesses must have a dream to improve life, adding some magic to a crazy world. To get our hearts to flutter and sing.

The mind-heart-soul connection within us is well-known throughout the scientific community. When one’s mind produces stress, anxiety, doubt and insecurity, often making ourselves believe that we are not good enough, that something is wrong with us, making us worry and stress about situations over which we have no control, this mental frustration has a very significant impact on our health, well-being, our loved ones and our business………not a thing to gamble with.

We can all have a balanced diet, eat the right foods, do all the right exercises, and swallow all the best supplements money can buy, have all the top personal exercise coaches, and have a wonderful mix of alternative and conventional medical care.

Yet if we are a slave to our thoughts, believing every mental message that the mind produces, how can this position be truly healthy for us?

It is a tragedy that most people are prisoners to their minds, their thoughts, beliefs, mental patterns and emotions.
The thing is there is a simple way out.
With a little awareness and effort, we can be free from those shackles, to free ourselves from the tyranny of our mind and move towards true health, true well-being and true business success.

Our mind is an extremely powerful tool that can be either our buddy or the mightiest foe we can engage with, for most. those who leave the mind to its own devices, and its ramblings, the mind is a foe, leading to doubt, lack of confidence, personal suffering, no-control and worry. However, the mind can become our friend and as a friend, our mind can be one of the most powerful assets in our “tool-box” supporting our health and well-being on all levels.

Mind-Heart-Soul alignment is essential if we want to discover and live our life’s purpose.
Physical alignment supports our body, but aligning our Mind with our Heart our Soul is the key to success.  

How can we tell when our mind and heart are not in alignment?

Think about it…..do we feel a resistance physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and/or energetically.

Resistance is the gap between what our mind thinks and what our heart knows. The bigger the gap means the more out of alignment the mind is with the heart and the more resistance there is. Resistance can show up as sabotaging behavior like procrastination, non-action, laziness or restlessness. It can show up emotionally or mentally as irritability, frustration, boredom, doubt, fear, confusion or uncertainty. When resistance shows up in our spiritual body we feel stuck, held back by ourselves putting up “roadblocks” by closing doors on us, preferring to take the easy way out.

Enlightened Business Entrepreneurs bread success, feel fun, feel love.