My personal favorite ways to obtain mind, body and soul centeredness!

We can never have too many ways in which to address and treat our mind, body and soul in great positive, self esteem and confidence building.. It is like any relationship it is important to spend time in the company of ones self to and empower from within.  


  • Life Coach Miste

    "The Peace, Calm and Tranquility Coach"

    It's a Misteism

    Miste is a Master Certified Life Coach and known as “The Peace, Calm and Tranquility Coach” and she supports creatives by providing tips, tools and techniques that  assist in the development of a stress less life. The only “Interactive Inspirational Speaker” in the world that integrates hula, Tai-Chi Chuan and karate into her speaking. International Bestselling Author and contributor to “Cultivating Your It Factor 14 Must Haves to Discover, Define and Refine Your Signature Brand”(2015) “3 P’s to Success: Purpose, Passion, Profit” (2016)  “Women on a Mission: Sisterhood of Stories” (2016) and more.  Miste is the creator of Stress Check Wednesday, Stress Less Saturday and Stress Less Sunday that are social media efforts encouraging people to do something stress reducing or to check their stress level. #StressCheckWednesday #StressLessSaturday and #StressLessSunday Bidding you HUGS meaning "Health, Understanding, Gratitude and Success"