What would happen if you decided to release your fears and anxieties?  If you chose to put the Divine first, and acknowledge that the Universe is self-organizing and self-correcting, meaning you have nothing to worry about?   What would happen if you chose to accept this as an invitation to live your most epic life?

I can answer that for you.  You would alchemize the surrounding chaos into a thriving time to quantum leap into your deepest dreams and desires, with more sensitivity and compassion.

Prior to this pandemic, we were operating at lightning speed; but now, the Universe is guiding us to take life at a different pace and from a different perspective than what we are used to.  While it can be easy to fear that change, Queens are choosing to embrace it in order to serve themselves and others.

I promise you, this circumstance was not set in our path to invite us into a state of anxiety.  Rather it was put in our path to invite us into becoming more connected, healthier, and stronger versions of ourselves.

Here are some ways in which I am currently stepping into my Queenhood during this time and am inviting you to also explore these opportunities for yourself.

1.    Take your business online.

Right now, technology is soaring more than ever as physical locations and travel are temporarily off-limits and people are turning to their electronic devices to stay connected.  I had a handful of clients reach out to me recently asking if it was okay for them to continue selling their programs and services during this time. 


It is your job to show up for the people you are meant to serve, who need your message and services more than ever right now. If you were to stop, succumbing to surrounding fears, you would be neglecting your Divine calling, hoarding your unique gifts, and energetically telling the Universe that you are “lacking” rather than “receiving” its abundance.

This is the time to pivot and tap into your resources in order to provide something even greater to those in need of your assistance.  Use this time to catch up on pieces of your business you weren’t able to devote your attention to before, to seek out other platforms in which you can share your work, and to expand in both your personal and professional life.

For me, I am finally diving into the idea of providing Membership Sites to my clients that I had been thinking about for a while now, but not having had the opportunity to put it into action.  In addition, I always dreamed of starting a book club, so now I am putting in the steps to get that into the works as well.

This is the time to take on those advances you always thought about but previously made excuses not to execute.  Give yourself permission to halt your excuses right now, for this is the time to take action and step up as a leader.  

2.    Create. Play. Grow. Have Fun.

When was the last time you played Scrabble with your hubby? Or that you played around with your makeup palettes like you were a little girl playing dress-up?  Or even tried out that new dinner recipe that you pinned on your Pinterest board entitled “YUM” over a year ago? 

For me? I am blessed to say just the other night.  And I had a blast in doing so!

Who said that this has to be a boring and dull time?  It’s not that we are trapped in our residences as much as we are trapped within the confines of our own minds.  The choice is always yours. You can use this time to feel isolated and trapped, or you can use it to explore the other parts of yourself so that you can grow and connect.

Queens, this is your opportunity to discover and try something new, to develop as a person.  Make this time fun, epic, and powerful. When you allow yourself to hone in on your creative and playful energy, you revive that innocent little girl within you.  The one who dreamed big and never feared any limitations. Remember her? Let her out! Let her play! Attract all those dreams and possibilities to you. When we break away from our usual routines and habits we allow ourselves to use different parts of our imaginations and come up with completely new and refreshing ideas.  This isn’t only relieving, but it allows you to open up other channels in which to manifest your desires.  

Currently, I am devouring new books that will aid in my personal discoveries.  I also decided to partake in an online course to further advance my skill set. I know that these steps will show my dreams that I am still here for them and that I intend to continue to show up for myself, despite the challenging circumstances. 

3.     Meditate and connect back to Spirit.

Take a minute and connect with your breath.  Feel the ways that the Universe is supporting you, even when things may feel disrupted and challenging. Today we have the choice to either choose love or to choose fear.  When we choose love we refuse to let stress and fear block our blessings and take comfort in knowing we are protected by Spirit. Allow yourself to receive that love you are so deserving and worthy of.  

You have been created, in your most beautiful and unique image, for greatness.  Not only to live big but to show others how to live big, too. Expand in that recognition.  Use this time to contribute to your creation. This is the time to dazzle and delight in the unknown.  All that matters right now, is this moment, here in the present. Use this gift. Don’t allow yourself to future trip, because time hasn’t brought you there yet. You can dream of what’s possible, but it’s equally important to take those actionable steps in this moment and become the creator of the unknown future.  

Allow yourself the time to meditate, get in touch with Source, and see what you are being intuitively guided to do.  Where are you being called to go next? What is on your heart to create? What is propelling you out of bed every single day?  These are great places to start in order to paint that gorgeous future of yours that is designed in passion.

In writing this article, I hope that you find the courage and audacity to use this time and circumstance to serve.  I hope that you repel the mainstream—the stress, fears, and anxieties. That you take care of your health, your body, your mind, your Spirit, and above all else, your dreams.  This is your time, and the time for the whole world, to heal and lead our lives from a place of service, compassion, and faith. How powerful of a connection would that be? Don’t resist it, Queen.  Pivot into this phase, optimistically and without hesitation.