There has been an emerging clarification from our lovely universe as of late. Life mirrors life. My client’s experiences are mirroring mine lately. Their humanity mirrors mine, our outer worlds reflect our inner worlds. When we feel great, life seems effortless. When we whirl down undesirable rabbit holes, life seems to be rife with angst and struggle.

This prompted researching into the nature and meaning of something that wasn’t really familiar to me. Has anyone heard of The Law of Correspondence? Simply stated, it’s the law of mirroring. As within, so with-out; as above, so below. For example, let us say a client of mine had strong desires to be in the “right relationship” but a pesky recurrent theme kept presenting itself through every suitor. Courageous exploration revealed an underlying fear of being alone. The law of correspondence turns out was mirroring their fear-based energetic vibration of aloneness. Opposite the seemingly positive mindset previously held.

Yeah, yeah, yeah… positive thinking and all that jazz

My challenge for you is to hang on tight and be willing to go deeper. What do our thoughts really create anyway? More on this in a bit. Suffice it to say I was inspired to start digging into mindful awareness. “How did you make that leap?” one might ask. Through contemplation and meditation, of course! Not entirely. It took some actual homework as well. Ok, so mindful awareness or mindfulness is a global 360ᴼ moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, energy, and the surrounding environment.

So what does one have to do with the other?

Well, our thoughts create feelings. These feelings are expressed in the form of physiological energy known as emotions, expressed or unexpressed. Finally, said emotions are then translated through our actual behavior; whether we realize it or not. In the end, what we put out is mirrored back by the universe. I’m pretty confident we have all heard it said, “you get what you give.” This is not just some new age pseudoscience either.

Stay with me here. A new study into the Reticular Complex located in an area of the brain known as the Thalamus allows for selective filtering of information on a moment-by-moment basis. As it so happens, when living on autopilot there’s a default narrative network within our brain that limits the ability to be in the now. What this illustrates is the importance of being mindfully aware of our inner universe so the external universe is able to conspire on our behalf in creating a life we love. Get it? Got it? Good!

I won’t continue droning on about blah, blah, blah… and skip to actionable steps that support expansion toward greater AWARENESS [insert God-like echo here].

Five steps to resonant alignment


Nothing happens to or for us unless it aligns with what’s inside. 

Now breathe…

Think back to a time, any time you felt on, alive, in your mojo. Now recall how that day, month, season played out. Life seemed to have this ease about it. Things just went your way. Now be honest with yourself, was it really all that half-baked positive thinking hoopla everyone’s been talking about lately? NO! Case in point.


Our feelings, emotions, energy follow the subconscious mind. That’s right, you heard me (if you could actually hear me, that is). As you’re probably well are aware that our conscious mind has all this programming and filtering running amuck due to conditioning, indoctrination, society, belief systems, etc.. However, our subconscious mind has little to no filtering.

Don’t believe me? Riddle me this Batman (dang, I just aged myself). Ever notice you only realize you were dreaming upon waking? Ever wondered why our dreams seem so weird? That’s because to our subconscious the laws of physics do not really apply. Brilliant, right? All this to say, our bodies have direct access to the subconscious. It’s a sort of bypass to the subconscious in our waking state. So if ever wanting to know what’s going on inside, check below the neck for real answers.


Our perception of beliefs is something we’ll want to review on an ongoing basis. If perception is programming and it is the basis of our reality, then we should always question the programming. Is the code true and applicable to where I am today? Our mind is a very powerful supercomputer. And the truth is, as in programming (not that I’m a “coder” by any means), bad data in equals bad data out. It’s really that simple. When born into our bodies, it was the responsibility of our caregivers and role models to model for us how to human.

They were doing the best they could with whatever know-how they had in teaching us how to human. This kind of explains why toddlers are so adorably clunky in their way of being. It takes an enormous amount of time and energy to program human. Approximately 7-8 years. The most critical time frame to program a human is 0-7 years of age, but it’s not fixed. Our minds are not built on solid state technology. Reprogramming can happen at any time, really. Thanks, neuroplasticity!


Thoughts without corresponding feels are only thoughts. Feeling a little redundant at this point. Hopefully, the message should be loud and clear. Are you picking up what I’m laying down here [imagine a strong NY accent]? Cultivate those positive feels by any means possible except through the use of mind-altering substances. I don’t want to be that guy blamed for poor choices. Not cool. What I mean is to begin practicing methods and modalities that support how you want to feel at any given moment.

Because positive experiences begin with positive states of being that support positive thinking. Are we good? Awesome!


To improve our lives, change can only happen from the inside-out. This one takes a real commitment to self. To the one relationship, we’ll have our entire existence. And it is the relationship with self. It will challenge your resolve, faith, and grit. There will be people, things, situations we may need to let go. When that shift happens, believe me, it will happen. If it hasn’t already. Our outer world will need to conform to our inner world. Make no mistake, Universe will not so graciously bless us by a swift kick in the pants as a reminder of what is being reflected.

Changing what’s on the outside is only half the battle. Cleaning house is an inside job. Always has been, always will be. Be well in love and light.


  • Ty

    Emotional Wellness Coach

    Ty Ryan is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, specializing in supporting men in redefining their story of masculinity, unapologetically. Through Emotional Wellness Coaching and ReIntegrative Energy Healing, he holds a safe and caring space that supports and champions sustainable fulfillment from the inside-out.