Mindset And Life Change Overcoming Mindset Clashes Pulling You Off Course

Mindset and life change form an ever constant part of the personal development which carries you towards the achievement of your goals and dreams.

For anyone who has spent time in doing personal development, the value of getting your mindset right, adapting and undergoing mindset change so that you can get on target for want you want is simple stuff. And with our results being reflective of our state of mind, we generally know once we have begun forays into mindset work, that we have to adapt and grow so that the external world can reflect what we are creating internally.

Challenges come when we interact with those who have a mindset radically different to our own.

When you are living on your own, adapting and letting go of others thoughts can be relatively easy. When you are living with others though, friends or family especially, a different dimension to mindset clashes comes into effect. Dealing with it can be challenging, and the question of compromise over changing values and beliefs, and thus mindset shifts, may raise unpleasant possibilities.

Mindset And The People You Choose To Spend Time With How Success Is Affected

The concept of how the five people you spend the most time with affect your success is well known. How different mindsets interact, either detracting from one another, or supporting each other, is to an extent understood.

When you spend time with like minded people, life generally flows along easily. You feel that others believe in you, that they want good things for you, and thus you build a stronger belief that you deserve good things too. Your self-esteem rises up, giving you growing confidence to achieve more. From which a nice supporting cycle of growth and personal development which brings ever easier achievement and success comes.

However, when you have people around you who are unsupportive, uncaring, and potentially hateful. A very different story comes through.

Of course, we all have responsibility for results in life.

Our decisions causing various things to transpire around us, with people reacting to our choices in different ways. Sometimes people love what we do, sometimes they hate it.

That can seriously impact on our self-confidence. Challenging whether what we’re doing is good, or even right in certain cases. Of course, sometimes that personal reflection can be a good thing. Offering opportunity for further personal growth, evolution and adaptation which can bring better results.

More concerning though, is the kind of passive abuse whereby whatever we do, and however much it does good things for others, is frowned upon, questioned, or just outright condemned. Purely because people wish to see us fail, or in a state of pain.

Yes, this can bring personal growth in an incredible way. It can also be exceptionally debilitating over long periods of time.

Mindset Having Faith In What Your Doing Is Right And Adapting To Overcome Negative Situations

Mindset and life change to overcome negative situations can take courage.

When you know in your heart that the course you are on is good. That you are doing positive things, you are being supportive and respectful of others. And they are just reciprocating with aggression or hate, then a position of having to make ‘hard’ decisions comes to light.

There are a multitude of complexities that come through at this point. Commitments and their solidity being one.

It is also worth remembering this.

For all the commitment you have made to others, if they are returning nothing of their side of the commitment. And there is little if any mutual support. Then is the commitment worth holding yourself to?

This was something I found myself questioning, and exploring, within my mind relatively recently.

Having worked very carefully to create good things, with a hugely supportive environment for those I lived with. I found myself in a situation where I was deeply unhappy on a daily basis, and suicidal on frequent occasions. Largely because I was receiving pure hatred and abuse from one particular person I shared a home with. The short of it being that regardless of how much good I did, how nice, caring or loving I was, they wanted me gone.

There was a clash of mindsets that was seemingly without resolve.

I had done everything possible for four years to create a happy and loving environment. Having explored every possible option, evolving and creating fresh strategies through NLP and meditation amongst other things. One option was left.

Moving out and becoming independent again.

When faced with negativity and abuse, doing something to resolve things with love is good to do. At times, because of the mindset of those involved, departing and moving to an environment which is properly supportive of your self, is absolutely the right thing to do.

It is also nothing to be ashamed of.

Mindset And Life Change, Honoring Your Self And Getting On Course

It is your life. When those around you are constantly negative or unsupportive, honor yourself by creating your own space. Creating independence to be you. Supporting your personal growth, your personal development, and your ability to create the life you desire is critical to feeling happiness, and enjoying a fulfilling surging life.

Sometimes, while communication and adaptation of your mindset, value and beliefs can be good. Enabling better interaction and co-operation. Creating greater independence, supporting your own mindset and personal development so that you can enjoy life, is more important. Mindset clashes are sometimes good for increasing our flexibility. At other times they are an indication we have gone off-course, and we would do well to change course in line with the place our mindset would serve us, and our dreams best.

So think about those around you. Reflect on how your mindsets interact. And workout whether the best thing for everyone, is to create greater independence for your self.


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