Sean Pandya

Sean Pandya is the current CEO of Amcon Consultants Inc. A lot had changed since his engineer father, Anil Pandya, founded the company over 35 years ago.

Sean has had to move with the times and maintain a strong and positive mindset throughout.

Just a bit of his background here. In recent times he has ventured into entertaining, growing an audience as a social media influencer. He has successfully branched out and is now growing an audience with his car posts and luxury lifestyle insights. But, like anything, this wouldn’t be possible without keeping up with the platforms and continuing to post.

So how does he do it? Many talk of the importance of keeping on top of your physical health in a high-pressure life. But mental health and mindset is just as important if not more!

Today we will take a look at some examples of Sean Pandya showing us how his way of thinking and aspects of his mindset have been crucial to his continued success.


“I’d like to think that my grit separates me from the average Joe. It’s not always easy, but I never stop striving to be better than I was previously” – Sean Pandya

This aspect of Pandya’s mindset has been key throughout his journey. The trait to keep moving forward despite massive levels of success has allowed him to take Amcon Consulting into other avenues. Not only at Amcon though, it has also allowed him to branch out as an influencer in recent times. So the key here is to never be satisfied and you can keep setting yourself up for bigger goals!

Importance of Exercise To Mental Health

It’s one thing to have the determination and grit to take you to a certain level of success. But it’s doing it again and again to sustain and exceed success. A good way to develop this trait is a consistent exercise routine.
Many successful people including Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will tell you exercise is not only imperative to your physical fitness but also is proven to improve mental health and on a journey like Sean’s, it is vital he keeps grabbing the motivation to go out and do it again! Here’s what Sean said about his fitness routine:

“I maintain a very serious fitness routine, year-round. I have been passionate about fitness and healthy living since my teen years, so every morning I eat a nutritious breakfast. I never skip breakfast. Since my schedule varies day to day, I can’t work out at the same time everyday but I will always set aside an hour or so for myself to exercise. Sometimes, this is early in the morning, sometimes this is late at night. It doesn’t matter to me…”

The Rock calls it his anchor. The thing that grounds him. The foundation he can build everything from! The truth is to stay fit and exercise doesn’t only release the right chemicals in your brain benefiting your mental health, it helps develop a strong mindset. The gumption to keep repeating the task and seeing it out until you see results. All of these skills are easily transferred to the world of an entrepreneur/influencer/CEO.


“Any aspiring entrepreneur should think less about their fears and more about when they are going to get started! If you want to start your own business, I’d say you should just do it! Often times, the younger you are, the more risks you can take.”

So many are so blindsided by the huge fear of failure that they actually never start in the first place. Every successful person has had to face fears along their journey and come out the other side. Like all we have mentioned, this too is a skill that can be learned with the right mindset and mental health. If you stay focused on your goals and the outcomes, the fear should become less and less relevant.


There’s a lot to be said for sticking to a solid routine and staying mentally strong towards your goals. It’s what’s certainly got Sean where he is today.
But if you’re aspiring to be successful and lack some of these traits so far, stick with it. You will gain confidence and grow into these traits as obstacles present themselves to you. As Sean will tell you, a strong routine would be a fantastic start to developing the mindset for success.

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