Mindset For Success In Dating And Marriage 2 Key Factors For Happiness

Mindset is key to how relationships work out. Whether dating and marriage are successful, or unsuccessful, depends completely on the mindset of each person involved.

While this article is focused on how mindset impacts particularly on dating and marriage, mindset does greatly affect all types of interpersonal relationships. With various points of this piece being applicable to work relationships, friendships and other relationship types.

Whatever your inclinations, whether you are attracted to the opposite gender, same gender, and whether you identify as a different gender to your birth gender, these 2 key factors for happiness and success in dating and marriage hold true.

Releasing Old Emotions And Cleaning Up Your Values And Beliefs

Old emotions, specifically negative emotions can drag people under and whip them around like a rip tide. Something which can be short lived, or drag on for years.

The top 5 negative emotions that cause issues for the majority of people are:

  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Fear
  • Hurt
  • Guilt

Anxiety also forms a major issue for many. Though anxiety is very different to the five above.


Because anxiety is future based, and comes from a negative expectation of possible outcome. All the others come from events that have actually happened, and how you felt as a result of those events. Anxiety comes from just getting stressed about what might, or might not, happen.

As such anxiety is rooted in your beliefs about the world and the possibilities within it.

Most people bottle up emotions over the course of their lives.

That bottling up of old negative emotion leads to a toxic effect on the mindset, and by extension any relationship a person is involved in. This can as a result take effect on dating activities, resulting with issues such as partners deciding to move on quickly. It also takes effect on marriage, often resulting in partners spending less and less time together, with the negative emotion leading to friction and discomfort when together.

This is why getting life coaching is so highly recommended for those looking for their ideal partner, and also those who are dating or in a marriage that has been problematic and they wish it to be more fulfilling.

With the right techniques, notably NLP coaching techniques and emotional release methods like Time-Line Therapy®, most relationship issues can be resolved quickly.

One case in particular where I helped a lady was with an issue that had dragged on with her partner for years. When she opened up properly we found the root cause of the issue, brought about a resolution with a belief change, and then she was able to move forward and forge a fulfilling and happy relationship with her partner. All done in around 89 minutes from start to finish.

Cleaning out old emotions and negative beliefs has an impact that few can understand, until they have experienced it for themselves.

Getting that understanding is worthwhile. It can truly change your life, and thus empower you to enjoy dating and marriage in a way that was never previously possible. Letting go is vital to gaining true happiness in life.

Communicating With Clarity And Compassion Empowers Happiness

Communication is something that many people understand is important for all types of relationships in life, though more so with dating and marriage as you spend more time with your significant other or life partner. Plus you have a great deal more emotional investment in such relationships.

Few truly understand how their communication actually affects their relationships though.

Often people are aware that their partner is stressed, yet they never really connect with how their communication could be responsible for that level of stress. Or how their behavior in connection with their communication could be making matters worse.

Compassion and mindfulness when communicating can have dramatic effect on stress levels within relationships.

Looking from outside yourself, viewing your own behavior and communication can bring a lot of insight as to why you are gaining the results with your dating or marriage partner that you are.

Learning to listen effectively can bring big rewards in terms of success in communicating with partners.

Releasing old emotions and negative beliefs has a great impact too. People get stressed faster when they refrain from releasing emotions. Each bit of anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt mounting up and compounding. It is never that single thing with triggers negative emotional response, it is an accumulation of everything which has come before.

Which unfortunately can make communication challenging at times.

Especially when people regularly have stressful interactions, as a belief then gets formed which leads to expectation of future communication being stressful. Which in turn leads to increased likelihood of stressful interactions with that partner.

Releasing old emotions, then approaching communication from a point of compassion greatly empowers your ability to achieve greater happiness in dating and marriage.

So clean up your beliefs, get rid of old negative emotion, think about the exact words you are using, and how your behavior is impacting on the received meaning of your communication. Your intent is one thing, though your partner could well be perceiving something very different from how you communicate. Communicating with compassion and consideration will help you ensure you communication is received as you intend it to be.

Minor Mindset Changes That Can Bring A Mountain Of Positive Relationship Benefits

Some people may think these two key factors are challenging and require a lot of work.

The reality is that they are very easy to act on. Quality coaching can bring emotional release and belief change within just a few hours. Various clients I have worked with have seen their lives change in dramatically beautiful ways before their very eyes in under four hours.

So mindset change that brings wonderful life change and relationship improvement can be fairly easy, when the right things are done of course.

Which then makes adapting communication simple.

As a frame of reference, putting in just that small amount of effort, investing in your own happiness and state of wellness, can have you transforming an unfulfilling relationship into a very positive one which fits your dreams. Or attract a life long lasting relationship or marriage which fills you with happiness.

So clean out your old beliefs, let go of that old emotion which never really empowered you. Be compassionate in your communication, and consider carefully what words you use along with how you deliver them. Doing all this will have you empowering yourself with a mindset for success in terms of dating and marriage. These things can bring mountains of positive benefit in relationships and a wealth of happiness for all.


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