In the past year, I was able to nearly double my income. When asked what I would attribute this jump to, I can easily answer, mindset work.

Now this may sound far out to you, but I spent hours upon hours in 2020 evaluating old stories and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. I did the uncomfortable work of evaluating how I viewed myself, my business and my relationship with money.

And it payed off. I was able to move past caps that existed in my mind, work through imposter syndrome and feelings of unworthiness for success to prove to myself that I was ready for the next level.

I stepped more into being a CEO in my business and 3x my monthly income by December.

So if you would like to do the same, here are the mindset hacks that helped me increase my income.

Evaluate Your Relationship with Money

What comes to mind when you think of money? Is it fear, scarcity? Do you feel like there is never enough of it, or that you are fully supported by it?

For me, money used to be something I dreaded thinking about. I used to have such negative associations with it and felt like I was always in feast or famine mode.

I associated making good money with superficiality and thought I would become shallow if I started to receive a consistent income.

The thing is, it is REALLY hard to attract more of something in your life if you also think negatively of it. Until you do the work of reframing the way you think of money, there will be duplicity in your desire for more money in your life.

So how do you reframe?

  1. Ask yourself where these stories come from about money? Was it from an experience growing up? From your parents? From your peers?
  2. Evaluate these stories and ask yourself if they are ultimately true? Does it HAVE to be true that if you have money, you are suddenly greedy? Does it HAVE to be true that money is never consistent? Start to question the validity of these beliefs.
  3. Decide your new truths for money. Decide that money comes to you quickly and easily. Decide that money does not equate to greed and that if you are a good person with money, you will do good things. Decide that clients LOVE to work with you and love to pay you. Decide that money GETS to support you. Decide that you can afford anything you desire.
  4. Affirm these beliefs. The old stories have been living rent free in your head for years so it will take some time to make this shift. Use affirmations that state your new money beliefs to help. Write them out each morning, say them to yourself in the mirror, FEEL into what it would be like if it were true. Actually visualize a version of yourself where all of these new beliefs are true. I promise if you do them consistently, you will start to see a change in your beliefs.

If this seems crazy to you, it did to me too. How can writing out new beliefs and digging into uncomfortable old ones really change my income? Well by changing your beliefs, you’re shifting what you think is possible. In doing so, you are subsequently shifting the actions you will take.

If you trust that your story with money gets to change and you are deserving of it, you will take action to affirm this. Versus, if you believe it is feast or famine, every time you have a good month, you will start to believe the next one HAS to be bad and take actions to affirm that truth, shooting your own success down.

Dig Into the Thoughts of Imposter Syndrome

The next time you are feeling like you aren’t good enough, that the market you’re in is oversaturated, that you’re not worthy of success, question it.

Question where this idea came from, ask yourself if it is ultimately true that you’re not good enough to succeed? Or are you just trying to stay safe by playing small? Try to understand what you are afraid of on the other side.

Are you afraid that if you succeed, you’ll be critiqued? Are you afraid that if you have success, then you will lose something else in your life?

Both of these were true for me. I held myself back because I was afraid of speaking up. I was afraid my voice and knowledge was not good enough.

I did the uncomfortable work of realizing where this came from and found out that at one point these fears were valid. I had formed these beliefs at a point in my life where speaking up was often ridiculed, where I was mocked for being myself. High school was tough, right?

I also realized I had a long standing belief that not everything in your life can be going well. I was so afraid that if I was truly successful, I would lose my relationship, my health or my friends and family.

So of course with these beliefs my mind wanted to avoid success because I also feared these outcomes.

But you can let those old beliefs go. Realize that while they may have served you at one point, they are only holding you back now.

It is no longer true that if I speak up, I will get mocked. If I speak up now and share knowledge, I am only helping others. So I now have adopted the belief that it is actually selfish for me to stay quiet.

This new belief helped me to build my social media presence, start posting to my blog, start hosting webinars. This led to not only a lot of new clients, but also a lot of new connections and the ability to help others navigate launching their business with the info I was now sharing.

None of which would have been possible if I had let those old beliefs stick around and stop me every time I wanted to take the steps towards the next level.

And again, if it seems out there that I keep saying that changing my beliefs was the main reason I nearly doubled my income, beliefs turn into actions which turn into results.

Forgive Your Past

It is VERY hard to move forward to a new desired state from a place of shame. Shame is a very low emotion which doesn’t lead to much action. So instead of feeling shitty about not being far enough along, or not having enough saved up, or feeling like a failure, choose better.

Choose to accept yourself for where you are at now. Choose to focus on the good things in your life, the things you have accomplished, the joys and small things you are grateful for now.

If you stay in the negative, I promise it will be 100x harder to get to a positive, abundant life. What you focus on and put energy into is what will persist. So, if you focus on lack, on not having enough, on fear, on uncertainty, more will prevail.

However, if you focus on the things you do have and trust in your ability to achieve, you will take action and start to see more positive things show up in your life.

This forgiveness doesn’t only apply to you forgiving yourself, but also to those who put those limiting beliefs in your head in the first place. Holding onto resentment will never foster anything good for you.

You resenting the person who made you believe you weren’t good enough, will not remove that belief. So choose to forgive them, have empathy for where they were at in their life, forgive yourself for believing their words or actions and choose to love them instead.

This practice is an ancient Hawaiian tradition called Ho’oponopono that allows you to release and move forward from the resentment for those who have hurt you in your past.


I never said this work was easy, but when you dig into your past, forgive yourself and others for where you are now, you are able to remove those limitations you placed upon yourself and move forward with so much more clarity.

To break it down, it is really as simple as:

1. Become the observer of your thoughts and beliefs

2. Question them

3. Decide to choose better ones

This past year of doing the work and affirming new beliefs has not only allowed me to see a huge shift in my financial and career success, but it has brought in so much more joy as I have been able to release heavier things from the past.

So if you are looking for REAL and lasting changes in your life, these mindset hacks are here to deliver.