The mind can be strong as it can overcome almost anything.  Perseverance is a tool of the mind to keep on going despite the circumstances and what seems reasonably possible. Perseverance is about keeping on with something even when you do not see immediate results. It comes from having the faith and tenacity to know that the process will produce the results.

For me personally, perseverance in addition to overcoming fear and being intentional were the key mindset traits in conquering cancer.  It is more than an attitude. It goes deeper, it is the conviction of action and creating a habit of the mindset that wins. A winning mindset helps you through when circumstances are challenging.  A winning mindset makes you a stronger person over time.

Mindset is so impacted by a positive attitude.  A winning mindset does not mean that we don’t look at something that needs to be changed and address it.

As in life, having a plan and setting goals is so important.  Specific goals set you on a path that you choose. Goals, when you stick to them, make you accountable to taking intentional actions. You can ask yourself if what you are doing is taking you closer to, or further away from your goal. My cancer recovery goals included walking my daughter down the aisle and getting to the start line of the IRONMAN.  IRONMAN is hard; so is life. Being intentional about everything from what you say to what you do helps you take charge of your life, rather than it being in charge of you.  To quote my idol, Coach Vince Lombardi, “the quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence.” 

A winning mindset takes courage and diligence.  It can help you step out of your comfort zone. 

Your mindset drives the choices you make, and the habits you create. 

In my cancer battle, I made the choice to shift my mindset from fear to determination.  Even on the tough days when I could easily get down, I reminded myself of the big picture.  When you feel overwhelmed, remember your goals.  Combined with overcoming cancer, this mindset shift has given me a wonderful perspective on life.   I am so grateful and view each day is a gift. 

Written by Tom Hulsey