Last week a client asked, “How do I fix my mindset? I really feel it’s getting in my way.” 


I think we spend too much time worrying about our mindset. 

Mindset comprises the inner voice. Not sure about you, but oftentimes my inner voice is rubbish. It is full of self doubt and unhelpful commentary. Trying to fix it is a losing battle. 

If I paid attention to my inner voice, this is what I would have heeded:

  • You suck at … (business, book writing, being a friend, cooking, sticking to a diet)
  • Your book/speaking/coaching/training/facilitating/mentoring is nowhere as good as …
  • You have no idea what you’re doing, get a job now.
  • You’re better than everyone, don’t you know that yet?
  • You’re much smarter/savvier/prolific than xxx – why aren’t you more successful by now?
  • You’re not a very nice person.

Seriously, the inner voice is an asshole.

Mindset is a habit of mind. It’s a practiced viewpoint that comes after repeated ACTION. 

Here’s what I suggest:

  1. Know what your purpose and outcome is.
  2. Pursue that relentlessly, regardless of your inner voice.
  3. Design your environment so that making choices towards that end goal is easy or automatic.
  4. Keep taking action.

The inner voice, your friendly inner ‘gremlin’, will have lots to say along the way. Give it a smile and keep going.

Are you trying to fix your mindset? What regular daily action could you commit to instead?


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