She believes in positive writing

Living in a beautiful Spanish mountain village known as Velez-Blanco, in Almeria, Spain with her husband (Alan) and her two dogs, Elle runs two businesses: Gandy-Draper Web Design, and Spain Buddy. She is obsessed with her host country and proud to have called it home since 2006. With this in mind, she has taken an every opportunity in order to promote the country, while tempering with a sense of realism. Elle Draper born in the North of England (York), has a strong background in sales, and has worked in pub management and call center recruitment, and at senior operation management level in the electronics industry. She writes about everything from news and advice to food, drink and entertainment.

She fell into journalism quite by accident. Although she has always loved to write, her career path back in the UK afforded her little time or opportunity to do so. However, after launching a regional advisory website back in 2006, she soon developed the bug and has been able to explore her interests by incorporating writing into both businesses. Her skills definitely sit with promotional wording – which benefits her web design clients – but on her own websites she prefers to write as she speak – annoying the grammar nerds en route and bringing her dry humor into play whenever she can. “I have also released a cookbook, enabling novice cooks to recreate Spanish recipes easily in their own homes. I am a born net-worker, both on and offline, and love meeting new and interesting people – many of whom have inspired me to write more”, Elle recalls.

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Elle along with her husband (Alan) during Oct 2019 in Spain

Elle has shared some thoughts around ‘How she sees global issues which can be handled through journalism in the coming years’? – I have oodles of praise for the evolution of journalism in recent years, and the way that everyday people can now be part of larger stories. No longer does the news come from a small select group of corporations (with whatever bias they may or may not have, or control by governments) but bystander viewpoints can be used to provide a plethora of information – often immediately with Social Media. Of course this can come with downsides because everyone has a bias whether they admit it or not. I would describe myself as a non-party-specific liberal.

Elle during her interview with Geoff Holt MBE. Geoff was the first quadriplegic to sail unaided across the Atlantic.

She sees there being much fewer paper publications, and much more online journalism. She thinks that many established news organisations will disappear as their ad revenue becomes tougher to acquire but that more, smaller, independent businesses will emerge. This will make it easier for newer, independents to spring up – but it can also make it tougher to know who to trust. 

Elle strongly believes that a person should be judged on their achievements and mindset rather than on their gender, nationality, skin color, religion or other differences – we are all human beings and should be more united. However, she supports women in life and in business, by being an active and vocal member of Spain’s Costa Women – an organisation that brings women together for networking and support. She is one of the Administrators for two areas of Spain – “Almería South” and “Almería North / Murcia South”.

With so many online tools and outlets at public disposal for free, or at low cost – individuals can still have a voice and be heard. “Grab a proper domain name and a free website builder, and get started. Use Social Media to share your articles and thoughts – and start building a following. Once you have that, you can monetize your website and start earning. If reporting on events – keep it factual. Check, double-check, and triple-check everything. Everyone has a right to their opinion – so don’t take it personally if others don’t align with your own ideals. As long as you are not hate-mongering of course”, Elle said

Elle with her partner in life and in business, Alan Gandy

Elle Draper signs off with the message:-

Don’t be afraid to approach other (relevant) website owners and ask if you can write a guest article for free. Check your spelling and grammar, and ensure that you have researched the company before sending them an introductory email. Nothing lobs a received email into our office “bin” faster than perceived spam, or what is obviously “copied and pasted” email content. Never accept “No” as a barrier to writing.