Lack mentality is everywhere we look from newspapers to social media to our environments so it can be really easy for our thoughts to spiral into worrying about “There’s not enough” or “We’re going to run out” when it comes to our own lives, work, money etc. because we’ve had a lifetime of being conditioned to think that way.

The thing is, when we start thinking and feeling lack it really brings us down mentally, emotionally and vibrationally which can sometimes cause anxiety, panic, overwhelm and a feeling of helplessness and being out of control and it is from this contracted state we’re not able to think properly and find a solution to what we’re worrying about.

To start to climb out of this spiral, shift your focus to thoughts and feelings of abundance and positivity in any area of your life where it currently exists which could be love, health, wealth etc. The trick is to start with something which feels abundant to and you know to be true. Or, if you’re not there yet, start with something small which you appreciate and feel gratitude for in any area of your life, not necessarily the topic which is causing you to have thoughts and feelings of lack.

Once you start to entertain an abundant thought, reach for another one and then another, it’s like a train picking up momentum it starts slowly but if you keep going and keep going until you achieve thoughts and feelings of abundance it is in this emotional and mental state where you’ll unlock the gates to receiving inspiration, ideas and solutions and also be in a state of awareness and gratitude for all the abundance currently in your life lifting you out of lack thoughts.

We can’t hold a lack and an abundant thought at the same time, so it’s a choice you get to make and by choosing to focus on and appreciate all the abundance you already have you’re opening the way for more abundance because what we choose to focus on expands and what we appreciate appreciates opening us up to receiving all we desire.

Here are my three practical steps if your thought train is spiralling into lack:

1) Stop! Stop that thought train in it’s lack tracks. Sometimes our lack thoughts can creep up on us without us even realising as it’s so ingrained in our culture. To become mindful of what I’m thinking I like to randomly throughout my day play the song by the Pixies “Where Is My Mind” as it stops me and my train of thought in its tracks and I wake up to whether my thoughts are positive or negative.

2) Once you’ve bought your awareness to your thoughts, think an abundant or positive thought. Now, I know what you might be thinking, well this is hard as my lack train had so much momentum, but remember, you’ve stopped it by becoming aware of it and that’s an amazing start. Now, it just takes one abundant thought to start moving in the opposite direction. That’s why I suggest starting small and make sure it’s something that rings true to you so your “lack” mind can’t immediately throw it out as it doesn’t believe you. If you’re struggling to find an abundant thought, start with a positive one about yourself or your life which you know and believe to be true and once you’ve got it, reach for the next positive thought and start the momentum of the train in the opposite direction.

3) Once your positive thought train has gained momentum and you’re feeling uplifted, expanded and in a higher vibrational state, this is when inspiration will strike as you’re open to receiving an idea or the solution as to the next steps to take and it is from this place of expanded and a higher vibrational state where we are open to receiving all which we desire.

To really get on board with this, I suggest finding a trigger which will make you stop in your daily life and take stock of what you’re thinking. This could be anything from when you decide to make a cup of tea to hearing the sound of a bird.

May you receive all you desire.