In today’s world, the effective use of a social media account cannot be overemphasized. Enhancing your profile to get more customers for your business, more gigs from your clients or to sell yourself to a wider audience is crucial. This too applies to your LinkedIn profile. Learning how to boost your LinkedIn profile can go a long way to help you get that dream job or contract you have been hoping for.

On LinkedIn, many experts and professionals are constantly making efforts to ensure that they make their presence known in the space. 

LinkedIn has over 756 million users across the globe and has become one of the foremost platforms in terms of connecting people. 

However, the platform is not so easy to navigate, especially when you are trying to boost your LinkedIn profile. New members of the platform often have to worry about whom they should connect with and those they should not contact. Simultaneously, this may retard the user’s growth process when developing new content and enhancing their profile. 

So, how can you boost your profile on LinkedIn? What are the tips? Are there any hacks? What are the steps you must take? 

Below are five tips to help you boost your LinkedIn profile and create bigger connections with relevant people:

1. Personalize Your Connection Requests

Understanding the importance of connecting with a person on LinkedIn without making them feel suspicious about your profile is crucial. The thing is, when you are skimming through the list of “people you may know” on LinkedIn, don’t just click on the “connect” button.  If you do so, you may likely trigger a generic request. 

Rather, go to the person’s profile page and click on the “connect” button displayed. After you do so, you will see a box where you can include a personal note with your connection request. 

Some resources like this website can also help boost your LinkedIn.

2. Be Sure To Follow Up Even Physically

Some people fail to realize that they can use the old-fashioned method of meeting people in person to strike business deals. You can humbly request a face-to-face meeting with a prospective client if they live nearby. Seize every opportunity you have to connect with the people on LinkedIn and ensure to request an in-person meeting if necessary. 

3. Check Out Linkedin Groups

There are groups on LinkedIn that discuss specific issues that may concern you. You can join these groups and connect with people who share similar views with you. There, you can build relationships, offer and receive tips, and initiate business conversations. However, ensure to choose groups that have members who share the same interests as you. 

4. Create Engagement By Developing Content Often

This tip is highly effective. When you create highly engaging content, your connections may like, comment, and share your content. When they do so, their connection will most likely see your content in their feed. Once you develop sumptuous content that could impress people, these “2nd-degree” connections can contact you and send a connection request to you.

5. Make Effective Use Of Keywords In Your Profile

Just like search engines allow SEO optimization, LinkedIn enables users to fetch more connections by simply using the appropriate words. It is important to know that in boosting your LinkedIn profile, you must make good use of your dictions.

To prevent semantics from hiding your profile from potential connections, you must use common variations of your job title and functions. 

For instance, if your job title says you’re a Content Manager, it means you can be a website editor, copywriter, communications specialist, blogger, creative writer, etc. 

Some people would rather search for these functions than search for your official job title. Hence, it only makes sense to separate these functions to be able to connect effectively with your potential clients. 

Although learning how to boost your LinkedIn profile takes a lot of patience and tact, with these tips listed above, it becomes less difficult for the reader. By following these tips and employing the right strategies, you can be assured that your LinkedIn profile will likely start experiencing significant growth.