If you’re a big tennis fan like me, then chances are you watched the epic women’s tennis finals at the U.S. Open where Bianca Andreescu defeated one of the all-time greats, Serena Williams.

After her historic U.S. Open win, journalists asked her how she did it.

And this is what she said:

…the 19-year-old sat around a table with a group of reporters and was asked if she has recommendations for self-help books.

“Where’s my phone?!” she enthusiastically shouts. “I have all the books I’ve read on my phone.”

After that extremely modern statement, Andreescu is handed her phone and frantically scrolls through her reading list in search of a book she cannot remember the name of.

“Code of the Extraordinary Mind!” Andreescu exclaims after locating the title of the 2016 best seller.

Now that’s pretty awesome!

I want to thank Bianca for acknowledging this and for being an advocate for personal growth. As Mindvalley continues to grow, we’re seeing more and more prominent figures join our incredible community at our biggest events. From Grammy award-winning musicians to brilliant child prodigies, to world leaders, and now, a U.S. Open champion. In fact, last year Bianca attended one of our Mindvalley “Be Extraordinary” seminars.

In another interview back in August, Bianca sat down with The National’s Adrienne Arsenault to talk about her Rogers Cup victory and her instincts with Serena Williams. “Something just came upon me and I wanted to give her the biggest hug possible.”

Tennis legend Serena commented during the press conference, “My best moment was out there with Bianca. I was really sad and she made me feel a lot better.” Bianca then finishes the interview with Arsenault and says, “Give me a hug. I’m a hugger.”

Bianca is an incredible example of how positive emotions and kindness play a role in kinships with other athletes and create another level of respect in the industry. I applaud her attitude and we look forward to further supporting her journey in personal growth and raising human consciousness on her platform.


  • Vishen Lakhiani is one of today’s most influential minds in the fields of personal growth and human consciousness. He is the founder and CEO of leading personal growth ed-tech company Mindvalley and a New York Times best-selling author. He has an incredible passion and drive to unite humanity and challenge the status quo. More than 12 million people follow his teachings online and share in his goal of transforming education and uniting humanity.