When stocks are prioritized over public health neither will thrive, and now here we are.  Wall Street is rattling, and the coronavirus outbreak seems to be on the rise.  Our American administration is failing us.  How do we remain calm?  Education, Awareness, and Application.

This is a quick read for public safety.  Sharing what is known about the Corona virus, how to minimize risk of contraction, and remain calm all Season.

This is a Global Pandemic

This is a newly formed virus that started in China

100,000+ infected globally

3,000+ dead 

These are the best estimates and the numbers appear to be ballooning!


  • Spreads from coughs and sneezes
  • Typically there seems to be 6 weeks of recovery time
  • One can be contagious the entire time one sheds the virus (aka coughs or sneezes)


  • The lapse of time the coronavirus will be in circulation this year 
  • What the United States government is doing to improve testing, research, and scientific application

Here are keys of expert advice:

Reduce Risk

  • NO HANDSHAKING– Spiral fist pump protects you more, or even better Jazz Hands
  • Washing hands really well with soap and water for nearly one minute 
  • No touching your face, points of entry are nose and mouth
  • Use latex or gloves if that helps you for transition through public spaces, discard them in a closed container afterward.
  • Use your knuckle, hip, or hold a tissue to open doors, and push elevator buttons, etc.
  • Behave as though you are infected.  This will increase consciousness of protecting others, therefore protecting oneself more.
  • Face masks are protective when used properly.

When You Do Have Cold Like Symptoms 

Be Prepared

  • If you have cold-like symptoms use Zinc lozenges, lie on your back, and let the zinc work with gravity
  • If you are sneezing and coughing use disposable tissues, and throw them away into closed containers
  • This virus can live on a shirt sleeve, so the old sneeze/cough into your sleeve trick now seems gross.   Resist doing it, it may contribute to spreading the virus.
  • Stay away from busy high traffic public spaces (classrooms, work, shopping centers, churches, etc.)
  • Sanitizer must be 60% or more alcohol Content
  • It seems it may survive on money, and no guarantee it wouldn’t travel on a package – all the virus needs is a moist shed (mucus, snot, boogers, nasal drip).
  • Six feet apart is recommended when interacting with others
  • Have only one caregiver or family member help you
  • No cooking for others

Details sourced from Dr Sanjay Gupta, Live CNN, Don Lemon 6-9 March, 2020, additional resources available.

Above I highlight no touching your face- this and washing hands are among the most crucial behaviors to engage and prevent the spread of Corona Virus.  Why do we touch our faces so much? Similar reason people indulge drinking, vaping, or overeating. Oral gratification is all about trust and security.  The more unsettled and insecure we feel the more we will touch our faces.  It is self-soothing.  Anxious thoughts send neurotransmission signals through the mind-body.

“It seems neurons are also hooked together in a mechanical network, like the cogs in a finely tuned clock.” A significant statement by Anil Ananthaswamy in the potent, and poignant Discover article Heal yourself by harnessing your mind by Jo Marchant.

We need to remain aware of the mechanics of our mind-body.  Limit the input, and be attentive to oneself. Today its time to set your Clock for good health, and mind-body awareness.  By the end of this short read you will be reciting new mantras for a protective inward eye process all your own.

Slowing down for a few minute intervals multiple times a day will certainly have more benefit than doing no form of meditation process daily.  Yes, going on a weekend meditation retreat, or three months of a year has a tremendous impact.  The truth is several minutes of meditation also appears highly beneficial.  Here are a few samples of what I consider modern


  • Recite a simple mantra. For a few minutes at a time let your mind-body focus on any conglomeration of the statements below.  Choose what feels the best.  Start small, and begin inward.  Invite permission to feel these words as you internalize them.

“I am calm, I am secure, I trust I am okay. I am content, I am safe, I am at ease.”

  • “The butterfly hug” or body tapping practice-  Try this one as you read- The beloved butterfly hug is essentially a self hug, this time tickle your upper arms with your fingertips.  
    • Try tapping on either side of each upper leg continuously. 
    • Tapping any part of the body can induce a meditative state as one focuses on the mind-body sensations.  The top of the brain, incredibly elating!  
    • This can be done anywhere, waiting on a subway platform, sitting in a meeting, and most importantly an aid to stopping yourself from touching your face.
  • A protective guide to build a sense of safety and connectivity.  Allow yourself to find a comfy position.  Time for an Inward eye process. 
    • Place an open hand on your heart and breath into your heartbeat.  
    • Allow the in breath to be shorter than every out breath. 
    • Become aware of your own rhythm 
    • Ask yourself for a protective guide, and visualize  
    • Connect and accept the internal imagery – whatever form of protective guide(s) appear
    • Let go of self judgements, as your thinking self interrupts – acknowledge this and return to your inward eye process – the protective guide
    • After a few minutes (or longer) give gratitude for the imagery that arose and return to the real moment.

Remember this is about practicing mini-meditations for 3-7 minutes at a time, several times daily.