Just like fashion has trends and what is old can become new again in clothing, the same can apply to the digital arena. Our team recently hashed out our industry predictions for 2018. We’re taking small wagers amongst ourselves to see if our theories come to fruition…care to place a bet?

1. The Rise of Consumer Content

“Reaction videos” have been starting to trend and are on the tipping point of becoming the next “selfie” in 2018. Any company selling products can encourage their customers to take a video of themselves using the product for the 1st time then upload to social using a specified hashtag of the company’s choice.

After 60/90 days a company will be able to make an amazing compilation video of all the funniest/best reactions and they’ll be left with an end result that may have very strong viral potential. This creates “social proof” of the product as the consumers post their submissions to their own social media accounts, in turn this peaks curiosity of the brand. With that said, this could mean the potential of the actual challenge going viral itself… No one wants to be left out, right?

In the age of snapchat and instagram stories, people want to feel as if the content brands are sharing is authentic. Any content that feels overly produced or scripted is viewed as being not authentic and does not resonate with today’s viewers. Therefore, content coming directly from customers makes viewers feel connected to the brand and other users. Today’s social media users want brands to make them feel “special” and by having a video that feels “personal,” it creates a deeper relationship with the brand.

2. Podcasts & Alexa Voice Gain Momentum

We anticipate the growth of podcasting and Alexa voice in the coming months. There will be surge in people producing long form audio content. With people’s time being limited, they want to utilize their opportunities to gather information while commuting, working out, etc. People love to multi-task. So audio creates a way to do two things at once.

Voice to text has been a method people have been using for quite awhile to save time texting or text while driving. We anticipate seeing the reverse of text to voice. Users will have their emails and news read to them, so they can prevent reader fatigue and multi-task.

3. A Modern Twist on Minimalism in Web Design

While most technology is shrinking, computer screens are getting larger. To create a special experience when using a desktop, web designers are using big, bold design in simple shapes and neon colors. Designers are utilizing bright colors and complex, sophisticated gradients to maximize the capabilities of the new high-resolution screens.

All of these massive designs are clean and can be shrunk down to a mobile friendly version. So if you have a large logo with several letters, a two-letter version can be created for a small phone screen or app icon and still be recognizable.

4. A Return to Custom Illustration

Audiences are so accustomed to stock images that they’re becoming memes, so many brands are showing their personality by commissioning artwork that can t be found anywhere else. When it is fitting to the brand, we are seeing extremely meticulous hand-drawn illustrations. Such detail stands out amongst the minimalism detailed above surging in popularity for most brands.

5. Increase In Artificial Intelligence Though Not Quite The Terminator

We started seeing greater use of chatbots throughout 2017 and we are predicting a broader increase in the use of artificial intelligence throughout 2018. For the floods of emails and dms brands receive asking the same questions, companies will further utilize automated responses to correspond with their customers. Chatbots will have a greater role in customer service in the coming years to minimize cost for companies and time for the workforce.

We’d love to hear what you’re excited about in 2018…share with us the trends you’re betting on.

Originally published at www.doubledown.digital