If you had told me a few years ago that My passion would be to help women and their families heal after childbirth I would have given you the side-eye for sure. Well the saying goes God created you so he knows what will happen before you ever do but who would have ever thought not me for sure that 4 years ago I would have delivered my 1st child stillborn and that life would never be the same again. When this happened my whole life turned upside down. So as I walked around with the fake smile on my face but I was slowly dying inside. I had no clue of what was going on with me. I felt as if life had no meaning because I genuinely lost the most important chance I prayed to God for and that was to have a child of my own.

So as life passed me by I deep down inside knew that I was stronger than the grief I was experiencing I thought often about my hospital experience how I was just another patient no resources what should I do where should I go Simply because I didn’t go home with a baby I went home empty handed and an empty feeling inside. I started to think I can’t be alone I was sure there was others out there feeling just like me so I started to research and I found that the day to day emotional rollercoaster I was on was postpartum depression. And just because my daughter died it didn’t stop those feelings from occurring.

I had to find an outlet so I begin to write down my good days and my bad days in my journal just so I could look back at each day and figure out what I needed to work on and how I could do better

Once I truly got a grasp on my life I knew that I had to help others out there and so in my pursuit to also get back on track mentally I needed to get back on track financially because through this process my Catering business suffered I had lost my drive to cook or bake and so from that came a huge financial lost I knew I wanted to help other women and I also wanted to cook again without the thoughts of what if this happens again.

Writing in my journal was the key to me reclaiming my life so I knew I needed to put that together for other women in my same circumstance. I wanted to let them know that there was a way that they could help themselves.

So In 2013 I formed my organization BabyCakes & Brunch which combined my love of cooking and passion for making sure that women are aware of the resources that are available and also to help in the process of bringing healthy babies into the world by being able to be physically prepared and also be able to express their emotions through writing down how they felt and then in return taking those notes to maintain and/or re-construct their lives for the better…Fast Forward to 2017 Part 2 to be continued……..