Make it your mission to move more. 

Exercise doesn’t have to be a formal practice and shouldn’t be a stressful obligation. It doesn’t have to be perfect. But be consistent in moving. All too often people feel that exercise is an all or nothing thing or what is the point, and that whoever you are following or whatever you are reading is believed to be the only right way to workout.

Now I’m not saying every single exercise is a safe exercise or the right exercise for you. Be smart. Be attentive to your body. And ask for professional help when needed.

I’m saying two things: be cautious of being a highbrow that there is only one right way to workout and that exercising cannot be an all or nothing commitment.

The point is to move your body. Start by getting up, out of your chair and moving. Maybe that means walking to pick up your food instead of having it delivered (if it’s raining then you can stay inside). Stretching while watching Netflix. Trying that dance class in your gym that you’ve always watched from outside the glass windows.

Do something that gets you M O V I N G, makes you feel good, and makes you happy!

Find some type of movement that will benefit your body. If you did made a goal to get to the gym 4x a week, but you missed one day because work kept you staying late at the office, stretch 10 min before you go to bed. Yes it’s true, stretching is not the same as a high intensity spin class, but you are still keeping that commitment to better your health through movement every day.

Again, watch out for falling in to the All or Nothing extreme roller coaster of highs and lows that will inevitably leave you feeling discouraged and off track. Also be aware of your inclination to judge how exercise should be according to other people’s standards or beliefs.

That one push you should give yourself is to make sure you are moving every day, even if it is a walk around the block (unless you are really sicky, then you should rest. And drink lots of water). You will find by keeping a routine of staying active in one way shape or form can only propel forward momentum towards your greater health goals. It will keep you focused, motivated, and feeling better and better about your body and your commitment to yourself.

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