Today, I say
I Do Not Expect a Miracle to Happen
Because I Know I Could Meet My Goal
It’s the Time to Get up and Grind
I have a Powerful Tool which is called Mind

You do not know how to hold a fork and a knife. You never knew of the table etiquette until you were told how to behave. And then when you were told to hold fork and knife in left and right hands, respectively. You practised how to use them before the gala dinner party approached. You trained yourself and you were adamant to give up because you had to look impressive. You trained yourself.

You have a pet, you bring it home and train it on how to play, where to poop, where to sit, etc. You trained your pet.

When you hear the alarm clock ringing, what do you do? Hit the snooze button or Leave the bed as soon as possible? Most of the people, I have come across, say they hit the snooze button. Because their mind already tells them to do. It gives them the option to get up 30 minutes late, “still there is time”, it commands your body, and then, in return, your body reacts accordingly. It allows you to feel lethargical and tells you to sleep half an hour more.

It’s the tiny piece of your body that keeps working 24X7 without taking a halt. Your daily routine, your thought process and the things that happen to you all are related to the process how the mind signals your body. This makes your mind the controller of all your activities.

Now it’s up to you to decide, whether you would let your mind to work and control you or you would want to train your sub-conscious mind on how you want your day/s to be.

If you train your subconscious mind right, you are going to achieve that dream of yours, you are going to make everything work easy. It’s up to you to decide how would lead the charge – your mind or your sub-conscious? You cannot expect a miracle to happen. It’s the time to train yourself. It’s the time to train your mind.

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