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Most of us have happy memories. Memories of times we spent with loved ones passed, and times with loved ones that we still cherish in the here and now. And between the two, if we were lucky, we encountered countless others who also touched our lives.

Growing Apart

Have you ever wondered why you lost touch with old friends, or even family members? Ever sought new experiences or even challenges? You may not have recognized it, but this was most likely the pursuit of happiness. You sought to be stimulated in new ways or to learn and grow with new people or in different places. Yes, sometimes we grow apart due to distance or disagreements but many times, we simply gravitate toward spending time with others with shared interests or needs.

“The richest person in the cemetery is the one who left the most happy memories.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo

Learning to Let Go

Developing greater levels of happiness is, on one level, learning to let go of our preconceived notions of what’s best for us. As we know, we can hold onto our beliefs quite firmly, often unintentionally attempting to impose them on our families and friends. They then act on their willingness, or ability, to accept our point of view and remain part of our journey or they decide to pursue different paths. But unless we continue to adapt and evolve, we miss out on growth and other meaningful relationships and experiences.

Taking the Path of Least Resistance

Much has been said about taking the path of least resistance. Our desires and needs can be powerful forces that encourage us to preserve circumstances that appear best for us, even though it may be the circumstances themselves that are preventing us from advancing to the next level. We don’t want to go on because of fear of the unknown. This type of fear can prevent us from knowing greater depths of happiness.

Pursuing Happiness

The pursuit of happiness ignites our passions, tests our decision-making, and challenges us to be our best selves. If you believe in Spirit (and I do) you can appreciate that we have limitless opportunities to tap into our gifts. I was recently asked for my thoughts on our purpose and why I think we are here on Earth. I believe we are here to use our gifts to serve others. I’ve learned that we are the happiest when we use our gifts and interests to positively impact the lives of others.

We really thrive when we are functioning in ways that permit us to live fully and embrace our truth.

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Becoming Happier

How many of us have heard of the stories of countless professionals who stayed in positions for several years only to leave one day and instantly feel relieved? And happier than they’ve been in years. They didn’t even know they were unhappy, until they were really happy.

Are You as Happy as You Can Be?

Think about your own life. Perhaps you are feeling a little pull, something telling you that you want to feel happier and that things need to change soon. But change is hard, and maybe you’re not ready to take on anything hard. Maybe what you have, what you’re experiencing is okay, maybe it’s plenty. But maybe, it’s not. And you want to know if you’re as happy as you can be. Maybe you are ready to pursue greater depths of happiness.

Key Takeaways:

  • Develop your strengths to fully realize your gifts.
  • Change can be really difficult, but it can be worth the uncertainty and fear you go through.
  • Give yourself permission to pursue greater levels of happiness.