When musical cultures mix, there is a way of observing just how well they, intertwine. It piques one’s interest-even for a moment. Afterall, one becomes pressed into seeing how the come to fit; like a musical puzzle. ? Oh, yes! Should one travel into the land of the other, well, that’s a delightful, travel tale to depict. ?

We are still in the nation of Greece. And, the language is still a diamond. Can you imagine the waters moving through the musical vibrations of love’s timing? Accompany the language with a Jazzy sound, from a peculiar people, and you have the riches of music’s ancient touch, in alignment with a modern twist. Can you imagine such a beauty? And Divine, it truly is! An ancient whisper meets up with the sound of a peculiar peopleBlack America’s gardens, to be exact!

This Jazzy persona in the performance through a Greek tongue, brings a special connection between one ancient world, and the modern one, which binds it. It is as if the presence of Jazz music, within the song, is reviving the land of Greece. Let’s reflect upon this for a second. Can you imagine the power of a certain song to awaken a particular landscape? Just envision the colors, patterns, designs, and decor, which becomes visible, once the music is performed.

We won’t go any further. Let’s pause for one second and take some time to imagine the invisible colors of Greek blossom like hidden rainbows, from the Earth, into the sky.

Jimmy Makulis