INTRODUCTION In the midst of unfolding the ‘Mastery of the Moment,’ which unexpectedly has blossomed into a line of art cards and posters, I wrote to the author of a book whose energy speaks to my heart and asked of his interest in co-creating and for his insights regarding the model diagram of the beyond. I resonate so fully with his words, with permission his reply follows unchanged. THE RESPONSE Hi Gary, At this time I am turning more fully within as my process of awakening deepens. This is keeping my attention on my own journey for the moment and not on collaborating with others quite yet. Having said that, I checked out your diagram and I do have something to say that you may find to be of value. On the whole, I think your diagram accurately represents things as I understand them from a model perspective. However, I think that models are inherently limited, because by definition they’re attempting to explain the unexplainable. That is, they’re trying to take something from the realm of the unknowable (Being) to the knowable (mind). And while they may be useful at times and for a while, to truly have Mastery of the Moment and embody the highest wisdom and unconditioned love, one has to at some point completely let go of trying to understand, conceptualize and know. I have discovered that I don’t know anything. I may have lots of beliefs and models that try to make sense of reality, but I don’t actually know anything. And with that, paradoxically, comes the greatest freedom. To not know means to not have to defend anything. It means to not have to cling to anything. It means to not have to turn to the mind. When that occurs, attention is turned to the Being, without concepts or labels or models. And that’s where all of the models, ironically, are actually lived. And so, it’s not that I think that completing your diagram is not the right thing to do. It’s that I think it’s not necessary. And the most worthwhile question to ask is “why do I need to complete it?”. What do you think that will get you if you have a more complete understanding of things from this conceptual level? In my own experience, when I’ve dug into something like this, I’ve found that it’s the mind’s need for control. Understanding makes it feel in control. And yet the path to true mastery and freedom is about the complete relinquishing of control. To be totally okay with not knowing on the mind level, and sink into the heart and Be in the moment without attachment to ideas or thoughts. Ironically, when there’s an attachment to knowing how reality works, there’s a further moving away from experiencing it directly- which is usually the reason that building the model was undertaken to begin with. I fell into that own trap with my book. Now that I’m further along on my path of awakening, I see that the first half of the book is largely the mind’s need to understand and prove things. But now I’m letting go of all of that, of needing to believe in it, and instead exploring the groundless Being that is our true nature. I hope that makes some sense and can be helpful in some way. A wonderful book that explores this subject is Boundless Awareness by Michael Rodriguez. Much love, Ziad ††† With deep gratitude, I seek to integrate Ziad Masri’s words of wisdom into my story of ‘Mastery of the Moment.’ His web site is Reality Unveiled. THE STORY Years ago, a Cretan stone labyrinth discovered in a Baltic sheep pasture inspired the drawing of eight labyrinth and spiral designs. Those pencil line drawings were digitized, and now have been rendered with art effects and published as art cards and posters. On the card covers are seven of the designs in hexagons and inside each is the eighth design, a butterfly-man labyrinth symbolizing personal transformation. Together with key words and a model diagram, they are the ‘Mastery of the Moment’ card and poster line. Inspiration for the model diagram of the beyond came from esoteric understandings, also known as ancient wisdom and the perennial philosophy. As a lifelong spiritual adventurer, I went beyond a diagram of the soul and brought in aspects from my ever-unfolding realizations and experiences. The diagram is not for gaining an intellectual understanding, but for reflecting on what is beyond human faculties of sensory perception and mental processing. The diagram is to me a meditation, a reflection however imperfect of the unseen. The original designs and model diagram contain and convey my love for bringing attention to the Beyond in the here and now. Inside and on the back of each card is this message, expressing the essence of personal transformation: ††† THE CARD Embrace the moment. Express the Moment. Engage with Life. Hug        •        Sing        •        Dance ‘Hug, Sing and Dance’ serve as prompts or reminders to use through the day when resistance is felt to rise. They correspond with ‘Embrace the moment,’ ‘Express the Moment,’ and ‘Engage with Life.​’ The moment =  all that is seen, heard, smelled, tasted, touched, thought and emoted. Embrace =  accept without resistance all that is in the psyche and surroundings. The Moment = the Void, Universal Presence. Express =  give expression to the lofty qualities inherent in Universe Presence. Engage with Life =  bring the gift of your presence to each moment. Know yourself. Trust yourself. Be yourself. ††† Gary Smith, artist Emanate Presence on ZAZZLE    Please note: This silent video is of a slide show in autoplay. The first two slides are paused long enough to read the introduction and then it continues with a presentation of each art rendition of the ‘Mastery of the Moment’ diagram, available as posters and art cards.