Everything which is exceeding the limit of moderation as not only a negative impact on your physical health but the spiritual development of a person too. You know of course the expression “a healthy spirit in a healthy body” These are a couple of examples, that will explain this quality more clearly.

1. If every day you eat food which consists of many ingredients, which work on the opposite of each other it will not have a positive influence to your body and in the long run, can cause the development of sickness and diseases. We all have a natural inborn equilibrium that we should learn to respect in order to keep our good health and to stay in balance. So this, simplicity in food intake is very important and simple foods can also be tasty and at the same time have a positive influence on our body and spirit.

Another thing is sleeping.

If every day we go to sleep very late then that would mean we don’t take enough time we need to digest all the emotions we experienced throughout the day. Sleeping is one of the ways we digest our emotions, through our dreams and also builds up the energy we need to be able to face the next day and to make it possible for us to do all the things that we normally like to do and hence purpose us to wake up fresh each day. If we don’t go to bed on time on a  regular basis it will not help us to build up the rest that our body needs and that causes tiredness.

Prolonged tiredness can cause depression.

Depression means the suppression of emotion for a long time and no one wants to take sleeping pills for this when there is a natural and positive way to handle it.  Passion for work is one thing but moderation in working is another thing. I know of many people who work hard on daily basis and go on and on even when they are tired because they have this notion that they have to do it for themselves and get inspired, but that is not true. If you find yourself in this situation just understand that tiredness is a signal that warns you that your body needs to take rest and to do things that are relaxing and creative and the inspiration will come back later in its own time. I learned this through my experience.

Moderation in spending-behaviour.

A person who likes to buy new things to quell their feeling of uneasiness and lack of peace or the feeling of not being satisfied. What they need to understand is it’s okay, to feel pain and go through it instead of trying to avoid it or to compensate it with impulse buying. And the same goes about having items in your house because when you have a lot of things in the house means you don’t have the needed space for yourself. You need that space to build your worthiness upon.

The world from outside is a mirror of the world from inside.

How you organize the way you live and your environment is a mirror about how your experience is like and so having too many items in your house can pose insecurity to your health and you won’t feel strong enough of your self-worthiness. There are people who try to fill this gap by having extra possessions which are unhealthy to your life.

How to have moderation in the way you talk.

How we use our words is very important because words are meant to be used in a constructive way and to build-up and not to breakdown. Even good words sometimes when directed to the wrong person can be misunderstood even if it’s beneficial for your development can turn out to be harmful to you. So how we go about with words is very important

Moderation in learning new things.

In the event that you find you would like to change things in your life don’t you try to do everything at once, it will definitely backfire and you’ll wear-out in the end and be disappointed. That also applies to read books, don’t always read every kind of book that gives you different kind of advice all at the same time on how you should handle certain things in life that will cause confusion on the information. If you really want to change anything in your life don’t do everything at the same time but step by step.  By doing that you will be able to enjoy and also that will help you build the courage you need to tackle and processes which are increasingly difficult steps.



  • Margaret Achieng

    Freelance writer

    Margaret is a writer, a contributor to blogs and does well-research articles on issues that affect people's lives on a daily basis. Issues related to health, relationships, personalities and self-improvement. Trained in Human resource management and customer service.  Happy and willing to work with people of all walks of life. Researching and Learning new things is my passion. When I am not writing, I read books and watch videos on issues related to health and wellness, lifestyle, family, self-employment, relationships and leadership skills. I love both nature and the beach when doing outdoor activities.