People say that necessity is the mother of invention, but we say hope and prosperity of mankind is the basic reason of inventions. Future doesn’t come with the instructions.  Human inventions have changed society and transformed life on the universe.  As expectations and developments reach new horizons, each new generation has its own group of modern inventors.

Right from the invention of the wheel to the development of modern super computers, different inventions have changed the human society in a positive manner. Most advanced and lifesaving   inventions don’t have one inventor. Right from the old ages to the to the present most advance new technologies many inventors struggled hard and have paid their part in the construction of better earth.

Life lived 50 years ago was far different from today. At the completion of first half of 19th century Railroads and telegraph were supreme inventions as these two transformed the era and began the new age of modernity. Moreover, at the end of 20th century, no one can argue that jet planes and supercomputers have brought a revolution to our planet.

We all know about Newton, Edison, Einstein, and Zuckerberg but in the following lines we will give you interesting information about modern inventors and about their invention ideas who helped modern humans in health, space, food, technology and many other fields.

Computers are major part of our society and we all know that Bill gates is the man behind success of this technology. But do we know that many other inventors played their part for the advancement of this machine called computer?

Dennis Ritchie is called the father of modern computer programming. Dennis Ritchie invented C programming and Unix, both of which are providing basic framework of modern computers. Ritchie is often overlooked as contributor to the computer, but his inventions are still used every day and still have an impact on our life.

Just imagine if you are ill unfortunately and the medicine advised by doctor is hard pill or liquor tasted terrible? yes you are correct its very teasing to be in a situation like that. All the praise to William Upjohn who invented dissolvable pills. Yes, its very old invention 1875 to be exact but it’s still working like anything. William’s invention was a success and was a path way for upcoming inventors as convenient mode of medication.

Dennis Ritchie was not involved directly inventing the computer, but ion his part he plays a vital role in its advancement.

It is a kind of invent help phenomena, just think which you need, write down the requirements, try finding the solutions around you, and make your life easier and for others too.


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