1.                              Modern Relationships and their meaningless trends:-

Everyone has a different definition of love when they experience it for the first or maybe for a second or third time. Love is unexplainable if it’s true you won’t ever be able to find exact words for conveying your feelings to that special someone. People loved ages ago, people love today as well. But, the ways of expressing this love has changed. In fact, the definition of love has changed in the modern world. People do talk about the Shakespearean romance of Romeo & Juliet or the Indian classics of Heer & Ranjha, they desire that kind of love for themselves but usually fail to realize the emotional investments and conscious efforts that were made by those lovers individually, towards the betterment and success of their relationships. They forget about those innumerable sacrifices that were made by them to turn their love into an immortal example for the future generations to come.

1. Love is too fancy today:-

Today, love has become fancy. It is more about showing others that you are having a fairytale love story even if you barely sit and talk or discuss your emotions in reality. Love, sadly, is more of Instagram pictures and WhatsApp stories. It doesn’t really matter if you know the individual sufferings or heartaches of each other in the real world.

2. Love and Virtuality:-

Love has become more about Friday night parties, Saturday night movie dates or Sunday night expensive dinner dates. Somewhere, or the other, the technology has hampered the modern day relationships. In fact, it has overpowered them. The virtual world and its maintenance have conquered the real world’s surroundings and its prosperity. I am not against uploading pictures with your partner on your social media accounts but tell me, how often do you sit with your significant other and discuss each other’s happiness while keeping your mobile phones aside for a while? Before mobile phones came into existence, people had other ways to communicate. Don’t you think writing letters for that one person is so darn romantic? Well, that is preferably something every lover desires to get once during the course of their relationship, I guess.

3. Love ages ago:-

Unlike modern relationships, love existed ages ago and it never had so much distraction. The classic love stories that we have grown up hearing, they exist because of the loyalty, commitment, respect, and passion those lovers exhibited for each other. They turned their love into “forever” because they meant it unlike a lot of us today.

4. Love or infatuation:-

You have a conversation with someone for a few days, you call it love. Somebody looks at you or stares for a while, you call it love. Modern Love has been categorized so heavily into so many stages – hanging out, dating, proposal, and marriage. People never had so many options then like they have today, or to say, people never kept so many options for themselves as they keep today. Forever, sadly, ends within a few months or after years as well. A bit of misunderstanding and it’s all gone, even though it’s been there for a long time.

5. A strong relationship stand by strong communication:-

People are scared of communication, they choose to get entangled with solitude and runs away from acceptance. Conversations have got replaced by texting, arguments happen over phone calls and feelings have been suppressed through subliminal messages. Sex is the easiest thing to do and love is merely an amalgamation of all this. Since the Internet-connected cameras were invented, live sex shows became the new face of the porn industry. People have forgotten the meaning and love has become just another word written in the dictionary, which is used absolutely out of context. Insecurity and jealousy are just habits now. Trust is hard to achieve; being hurt, lying and cheating are treated to be so normal or rather ‘cool’. Leaving seems to be so easy and moving on is the only option, as if all that you termed ‘love’ once doesn’t matter anymore to none of you.

6. Love and its meaning:-

The meaning of love has changed over the past years. It is really hard to find someone who would wait for you, someone who would choose to keep you inside their heart and not just on their Instagram wall. It is hard to have someone for whom your happiness and sanity is a priority over anything else in the world.

If you have someone who is worth taking every risk, who is real for both in front and behind you, who would choose and keep you above everyone else; you ought to keep them. You must go miles beyond those dilemmas to have them in your life. The ways of expressing love have changed, the feelings must have also undergone changes but the one thing that has remained the same is the very ‘essence’ of love. Don’t let that essence fade away. If you have someone who has kept that essence alive in your life, keep them with you and keep them safe both within your heart and in your life. Never let them go away.