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Thank you so much for joining us! Can you tell us a story about what brought you to start your business?

I was raised by my grandparents to stand on my own feet, as an independent ambitious woman. My passion is inspiring women to become financially free by helping them become successful entrepreneurs. I have become a self-made millionaire by 28 starting from scratch hardly with $20 in my pocket. I realised I have hit the millionaire and then a multi-millionaire status by 33. I thought a lot of women are there who crave more freedom, more success, more identity but they don’t know-how. That brought me to start my business ‘Millionaire Entrepreneurs’ to help women all over the world manifest their best lives by creating successful businesses starting from the strong foundations, foundations that made me a self-made millionaire which I teach women to manifest a million-dollar lifestyle through mindset and strategy

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How your work helps women to achieve success in life?

I believe we all have talents, we all have skills and inner strengths. I help women in discovering what their true inner strengths are how they can turn their passions into profit, while still having time freedom, location freedom, financial freedom, and abundance in health, relationship etc. How I do this is by doing some real inner healing work, going back to the past, of who they are, and breaking some negative beliefs which most of us have, so women can achieve success in life. Some of the examples are I helped women go from feeling frustrated housewife to a multi-million dollar business owner, and I am so proud of her transformation. I feel I am really grateful to help these women.

What is your success formula to become a women entrepreneur?

My success formula is:

Mindset + Strategy + Game Plan = Success

Mindset(70%) + Strategy(20%) + Game Plan (10%) = Success (100%)

I always had and invest in getting my mindset right, I develop a million-dollar mindset to all my women entrepreneur clients.

This is the success formula that made me a self-made millionaire by 28, and now a multi-millionaire.

What is the best motivation for you?

Family. I have 2 young boys 5 and 6years old, they are my motivation, after becoming a mum I realised the value of time, I realised what most of the mums struggle with, work-life balance. Then I thought if I could help mums have a beautiful online business with time freedom, location freedom it will be life-changing. As I love kids. (I sponsor 5 little children every single month in the third world countries) and I love making women independent, I guess this event of becoming a mother in my life triggered me to help mums especially to have their voice, stand on their feet, up bring beautiful families while spending time with their young families. This motivated me a lot, and I feel so fulfilled when my clients tell me they hit their goals milestones we set up in their business. I feel happy like a happy mamma smiling when her baby takes the first baby steps., first tooth, etc. 

How do you manage health and lifestyle together? And what do you advise other women?

As a mum to two young kids, having a full-time gig, and a side hustle time is extremely valuable and resource for me. So I spend it very wisely.

Health and lifestyle are two non-negotiables for me. I love the phrases my mum says, its always on repeat in my head.

First is health, second is family third is money in terms of my top priorities so I make sure I stay healthy, by sleeping definitely 8hrs most of the nights.

I feel physical health is so much dependent on mental health.

I address health from inside out. And I teach my clients the same too so we stay healthy.

I also do 30 seconds plank, fitting 30 seconds here and there is a day is pretty do-able. so it works out better.

And lifestyle, oh my goodness, I can’t compromise on that. I say to everyone, enjoy life while you can, dream big, do big, reap big.

Can you share with us a personal story of an emotional struggle?

Sure, I had these post-partum anxiety issues, which was giving me panic attacks. They were bad that they went for more than 24 hrs. I had them for nearly 4 years.

But one day I strongly felt the urge to take a break with my regular life and go far far away, I insisted my husband take me to Fiji. It was then when I spent a lot of quiet time. I spent quiet time with myself. Digging deeper inside me, my soul, my inner being. It’s like an exercise I do with myself, I interview myself quite often. It was then I discovered who I really am, and the negative beliefs that I was holding onto for the longest of time, the fears, that brought me those anxiety issues, and panic attacks. I then cleared them with some healing work with myself. And since then I am living my life with more joy, more abundance, more wealth, more health and more success.

What are your future plans?

My future plans are few:

1) Build my business to 4-5 million dollars in the next few years.

2) Spend with my family as much as possible, traveling with them a lot and having great experiences.

3) Helping atleast 1000 women transform their lives into a million-dollar lifestyle.

4) Sponsor 100 children in the next few years.

How can our readers follow you on social media?

You can follow me on facebook