As a busy mom with a house full of teenagers, getting a good night’s sleep has been a big challenge. I’m 34, and my honey, Tyler, and I have five boys between us. As you can imagine, that’s a lot of energy in our house! I was only getting around four hours of sleep, so I was irritable all day and by the evening I’d be drained. Coming up with something for dinner was hard because I’d be exhausted, and then I had to clean up. I had bags under my eyes and I didn’t feel good.

A co-worker encouraged me to download the Thrive app and I loved all the helpful tips. First, I changed my evening routine. I make dinner earlier and get everyone helping with the dishes and chores. The house feels calmer now. A great Microstep is taking a hot bath in the evening. It gives me those precious moments to decompress. As a mother, I realized it’s not selfish to take time for myself — we all need to look after our own needs. Now I’m more rested, I’m enjoying hugs and one-on-one conversations with the boys. I make sure everyone gets my attention before bed.

To wind down, I started meditating. I’ll watch a calming Thrive Reset or listen to the soothing sounds of the rainforest. I’ve been turning my devices off an hour before bedtime, and Tyler and I put our phones away instead of keeping them by our bed. When I couldn’t sleep, I used to reach for my phone and play games. Now, I write in my journal and reflect on the day. I’ve found I can usually switch off and drift off to sleep easily. Most nights I get at least seven hours of sleep, and in the morning, I’m ready to go.

I have more energy to be active. I take the dogs out for playtime and throw the ball for them, and I go for walks. I began with a goal of 3,000 steps and now I’m up to 10,000 steps, which feels great. At work, I’m more productive. My supervisor says, “You’re doing great.” And because I’m moving more, I’m sleepy at bedtime. Now that I’m taking care of myself, I feel healthier and I look better. I’m happier, and I know I’m a better wife and mother.

— Whitney Saul, Distribution Center #7055, Gas City, IN; $5K Winner