I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain? I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain comin’ down on a sunny day? ~ CCR

As we weather this pandemic together, most are wondering when the storm will end?

Some are cursing the sunshine for not returning sooner.  Others are praising the rain on majestic mountaintops.

Rising above & feeling discouraged are both valid in challenging times.

As leaders we are often advised to look on the sunny side – – Be the light. Rise & Shine. That is sound advice that serves us well to fill our well to inspire others and give hope.

However, it’s equally important we share when our well begins to feel empty or admit when we feel uninspired and frustrated.

There is freedom in vulnerability. There is release in truth. There is calm in consciousness. 

Experiencing those feelings doesn’t make you an unenlightened leader, it makes you human.

When you rein in the rain in search of the sun, it helps you cherish the gifts of the rain.

One of the most profound gifts COVID-19 offers you as a leader is the opportunity to connect with yourself and others at a much different and deeper level.

You may have a “Rainy Days and Mondays” kind of blue day one week and a “Here Comes the Sun” bright day the next.  Neither is “right or wrong” or “good or bad” both just are.

Each experience is equally valuable and will remind you of something important to be more conscious of in your leadership.

Where you will lose a mass amount of energy as a leader is if you struggle against those feelings & judge yourself harshly for feeling the way you do.  Resistance intensifies and self-judgement drains. 

If you are feeling uninspired and frustrated there is a reason.  Allow yourself to feel that way. While mindset training is a helpful practice to help you shift your thinking to the positive, if you don’t get to the heart of the matter, that issue will continue to surface.

Resistance intensifies and self-judgement drains.

You might think you are feeling uninspired and frustrated because you had to let go of key team members due to COVID-19, and you may be correct on one level. Yet, if you soul search further, you may discover it’s the lack of complete certainty of who to let go that is most unsettling for you.  If you dig even deeper, you may remember a past memory with your Dad when he yelled “You make the worst decisions under pressure!” Those words may stick with you unconsciously and cause you to doubt decisions in challenging times. This is just an example to get you going, but you get the idea. Dig a little deeper in the well.

When you honor how you feel & allow those feelings to flow through you instead of trying to chase away the rain, you begin to experience a calm and splendor wash over you like a refreshing Spring sun shower. 

You may or may not shed a few healthy, healing and releasing tears in the process – – like the rain, tears clean up what needs to be cleared and replenishes your well.

Your clients, colleagues, patients, employees, spouse and children feel safe when you shine bright in your power. However, everyone has a rainy day. When you share ALL of your truth, they will respect you more, not less. It creates a safe haven for them to share too.

It also presents others with an empowering opportunity to rise up in their strength and leadership to help replenish your well.  Everyone wins when more leaders have full wells.

Once you see the rain is there to support you, your soulful leadership will begin to reign supreme.

Finding moments of calm is essential to your well-being as a leader.  Enjoy the video above. It’s a beautiful cover of “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” from Music Travel Love & features breathtaking views that bring a peaceful sense of calm.

Angie Krause is a Global Leadership Consultant, Coach, Presenter, Facilitator, Powerful Intuitive & Positive Champion for Global Leaders.  She serves top-level CEO’s, Global Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Dignitaries across the world.  Angie is committed to help you BE the Global Leader you were born to be for the greatest good of all.

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