Amy held me tight and through her sobs she said, ‘Mommy I never see you anymore!’.

To say I was heartbroken was an understatement and I felt like the world’s worst mother alive. I knew t that I was seriously letting my family down. I was totally focused on my business, sacrificing my family and my health and to add to an already sad situation, I was burnt out. 

Talk about a light bulb (AHA) moment. I knew right there and then that I needed to change things and I needed to stop trying to be superwoman, stop behaving like an employee in my own business and start working ‘on’ my business instead of ‘in’ it.

A true CEO has 3 main duties:
1. Make sure there is money in the bank
2. Hire the right people in the right roles
3. Guide the long term vision for the company.

Do you find yourself in a situation where you feel you cannot manage everything that is on your plate? Do you feel constantly overwhelmed with your to do list? Do you also suffer from a Superwoman complex? Superwoman be damned – it’s time to find ways to streamline and systematize your business.

I totally get that it is scary to let go and trust someone else with your ‘baby’ that you have nurtured over the years and that has cost you ‘blood, sweat and tears, but in reality you will never grow a 6 or 7 figure business without the help of a dedicated team and the right systems in place.

You also don’t have to do this alone – invest in a mentor. All the top achievers in every field have a mentor and there are very significant reasons for this.

  • They hold you accountable
  • They offer guidance
  • They help you make your ideas a reality
  • They offer an unbiased opinion
  • They push you out of your comfort zone
  • The offer you tools and knowledge that you may not currently have
  • They offer brainstorm brilliance
  • They offer you the opportunity to ‘get there’ faster
  • and above all they offer you motivation

Your children won’t be children forever, so give them the gift of your presence but still be in a position to grow your business. Connect your head and your heart because the day that I made the decision to stop being Superwoman and start being a Super Woman and a Super Mom was the best day of my life and I would highly recommend it to any woman entrepreneur who finds themselves in the same situation.