How do you capture one of the most significant moments in a mother’s life? For fine jewelry designer Tali Gillette, it all begins with one word: “MA.” After hearing her son’s first word, Gillette was inspired to design a collection, now known as the Mama Collection, as a way to unite all mothers. According to Gillette, “The Mama Collection stands for solidarity and unity. We may all be different, our love, journeys, and families may not look alike, but universally, our name is Mama.”

As the perception of what it means to be a mother changes, these modern heirlooms, designed in metals that include luxurious 18K gold, celebrate the eternal romance and power of motherhood as women continue to re-define what it means to be a mother.

Giving mothers the power to celebrate their femininity and sensuality, Tali Gillette Jewelry’s handcrafted designs are timeless reminders of the shared camaraderie of motherhood.  Read on to hear more from Tali Gillette on how motherhood influences her business, how to have it all, and what it means to redefine the modern women!

What does the word “MAMA” mean to you?

TG: The vowel and consonants “ma” is the first sound babies all over the world make and how our babies’ first word “Mama” came to be. In those first few months as a new mother, there is this feeling of fulfillment and sacrifice occurring simultaneously. The first time I heard my son say my new name, “Mama,” was transformative. With this one word we are entrusted with the greatest privilege and obligation of raising another human being. The word “Mama” makes me feel proud.

What was your first piece and why did you create it?

TG: Our Original Mama Circle was our first piece. Women love to use jewelry to symbolize life’s milestones from their engagement ring to their wedding bands; I created the Mama Necklace to complete the trilogy of life’s most significant moments. Although day-to-day, we focus our lives around our children at Tali Gillette Fine Jewelry we say, “With every child, a mother is born.”

I want mothers to feel empowered and unified. I want our jewelry to be a badge of honor that mothers can wear to symbolize the love and responsibility they have for their children as well as the bond they share with one another as strong and powerful women that can have and do it all.

Where do you go for inspiration?

TG: I am inspired by colors, architecture, shapes, and beauty in the natural world.

You are a working mom – what are 3 tips for how to have it all?

TG: Date Night, Time with your girlfriends, and spending time alone pursuing something you love.

How to balance your work and personal life?

TG: Managing your priorities by knowing that they will fluctuate day to day and wanting to be everything to everyone, just not all at once. Also, a little extra caffeine never hurt anyone.

Some amazing celebs have worn your jewelry – what do Hollywood moms symbolize to you?

TG: Hollywood Mamas are the very same as all the mothers in our everyday lives. We’re all changing diapers and parked in line at school pickup. It doesn’t matter if you are a celebrity mom, a neighbor or a mother at my kid’s school we are all bonded by motherhood. This is universally evident when you see celebrity mom’s sharing in an interview or on social media what is most important to them; they all share about their children and what being a Mama means to them. It is clear that no matter what, being a Mama is their most cherished “role.”

What is next for you and the brand?

TG: We created a new rule around gift giving and has become an automatic shopping destination for new parents. Our “Ma” pattern is also as infinite as the word “Mama” and when repeated multiple times, it becomes a design concept. The script pattern of the pendant is a design signature of the brand.

We have manipulated and iterated on this concept and have new stunning pieces and collections on the horizon. We are also known for our ever expanding “A Good Egg” Collection, a series of small golden eggs bespoke diamond and gold meant to be given to the good egg in one’s life.

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