Isn’t it amazing how the tables turn. A woman leaves a good man, for a lower vibrational man. Then, she has the audacity to think, that he should take her back. Afterall, the good man took real good care of her. He dressed ? her up in beautiful dresses. He treated her like the perfect gentleman. And yet, his kindness was not enough to make her faithful to him. Maybe she was bored? Afterall, in drama-filled people, things lose their excitement when they get too easy. Right? Sure.

One of the sad realities is how low energy persons (in this case-a woman) will prefer mistreatment, than with human dignity. It’s unfortunate. However, it serves as a testimony to the lack of self-esteem, which is so rampant, within society. A woman will choose an abusive man over a gentleman. She will prefer a red eye, over a nice pair of red shoes or red dress. Such is her understanding for how she desires to be treated. It’s quite sad, and it serves to demonstrate the psychopathic behavior, which is found in society. What’s rather interesting is how such a woman will blame the good guy over the actions of the bad one. She’ll even blame her poor choices on him. Unimaginable, isn’t? Unfortunately, such behaviors are way more common, than what we could possibly imagine. Sometimes, women who have been devalued their entire lives, come to see mistreatment as normal.

Now, just because your pretty, and think you’re mighty wise

You tell me that you love me, then you roll your big, blue eyes

But when I saw you last week, your eyes were turning black

Go find the guy that beat you up and ask him to take you back

Another lesson, learned. One of the things a woman will come to learn about a good man is that he will not permit you to re-enter his life, as a means of lowering his value. Not at all. Once you leave his space of comfort, then you must accept the destination of your fate. He will not compete (or win you) for a “man,” who is not on his level. That’s as plain as it gets. If he treated you real good, and you had the audacity to leave, then stay, gone. That’s another lesson, learned.

She left a quality guy, for a man, who beats her. There is something about that. It says wonders about her personal reflection of, self. The good news for our indifferent gentleman is that he saw the truth of her ways before it got anymore serious. He saw the truth of her character, and he definitely dodged her bloody ways.

When a good man has changed his mind, he is gone, forever. Don’t think that your looks, mouth, or even bloody eyes, will invoke sympathy from him. For once he is gone, he gone for good. And you learn the hard way of what it means to lose, a loving, “bloodless,” gentleman.

Hank Penny