To be or not to be-struck with love, that is! In the midst of such a love, there is a loving atmosphere, where a person’s invitation to that love has been awaken. No longer is a person scared of love. No longer are they afraid of comprehending a love so beautiful and true. One becomes open to the exploitation of love. Wandering through the land, through the every day atmosphere, there is a tale of one young woman, who has become vibrant and free flowing. Love’s stricken. Oh, yes! It has struck. So, what is the reaction when a woman has come in contact with love? How does she experience a grander awakening to the entire atmosphere of love?

The feeling of a vocal awakening illuminates the passion, one has, within. For love is a blessed and mighty thing. It pushes through emotional barriers; awakening our minds to any pains, at hand. Such a love reminds us of our humanity. When we are struck with love, there is a an emotional lightening bolt, which electrifies certain parts of one’s emotional psyche. We can’t help, but to immerse ourselves in a spiritual wellness, through a higher ascension, in love.

A morning wake-up call to love’s arising ensures that we are blessed with the gentility of love, indeed. Starting our day off with love ensures that success will arrive through the course of the day. It also demonstrates that love will move us into a higher vision, for how we see our lives in these present times.

They say you get three strikes, and then you’re out. Yet, in the game of love, you can be delivered with a number of strikes and blows. Just make sure you are healthy for the ride. Strike with love and one will see one’s blessings, thrive!

Beverly Wolff