One of the most auspicious times of a new day (and a new morning) is that the past can be melted away. Should one do the work and engage in the necessary, emotional cleansing, we will see just how beautiful the melodies of life can be. There are different ways of moving through this harmony. Yet, just remember that a person must be cleansed in order for this to happen.

So, goodbye love. It’s time to move onto the next. Memories must be erased. It’s time to burn them with the necessary actions, which must be taken. Tear up the pictures. Throw away any garments or outdated memories, in which one must offer. It’s time to throw away the memories. Hmm. . .That’s easier said than done. Oh, how we wish we could simply wave our magical, heart wands, and “get over” a person. That leads to another question. Is it easier to fall out of love than to fall, within? Or is it far easier to fall in love, than to fall outside? Perhaps, some would agree with the latter. Perhaps.

Entering into a world, where a man is falling out of love, we hear similar activities, that a woman would do. Ready and repeat? There is the tearing up of old photographs. Now, that’s definitely a, biggie! Through it all, those Heavenly vibes bring a unique m

Tonight, I’m burning old, love letters

Photographs and memories of you

Hoping somehow, I’ll feel better

And when the smoke is gone, I won’t want you

(Burning mem’ries) teardrops fall, while I am

(Burning mem’ries) burning all those memories of you, that I can’t lose

Hmm. . .Perhaps, it’s the falling out of love, which is the hardest to do. We don’t often understand the complications of such. While a person may want to move on, there is the stagnant energy of seemingly being stuck on a person. They can’t seem to remove themselves from this Being, whom they once loved. Is it true that a person always stays connected to us regardless if we have moved on? That there is always a piece of then within us? Perhaps.

Of course, moving on takes time. Slowly and steadily, one removes the layers of another lover’s energy. There are different ways for comprehending what it means to move through the work of healing. When the pain is too much to bare, you just want to forget that person. That’s all you want to do is forget. How you wish to move on, and find joy in another way. It simply feels better to, move on. Burning the letters and tearing up the visuals of what was, and what could have been. So, just move on from the memories of certain times.

Roy Drusky