They say that being alone does not translate into loneliness. Of course, you can’t tell that to a woman, who has just lost love. For, at that moment, being alone translates into being part of a network of women, who must watch love move away. It’s more than painful. In fact, it’s quite agonizing. Knowing that someone else is receiving the love of another can be devastating. And yet, what is there for a person to do? Sometimes, it’s best not to say, anything. On the contrary, the best thing a person can do is to simply, cry. Crying does wonders for a person’s Soul! Not only does it to wonders, but it has the power to cleanse outdated love and energy, goodbye. Yes. It’s difficult. Furthermore, it’s easier said than done. Nevertheless, just take into consideration how therapeutic it truly is.

Crazy arms. Crazy arms. Dont you wish you were mine? How is it that a person just leaves these “crazy arms” of mine? How?

Those arms were once held warmly. They were soothed and nurtured into a delicate performance of comfort. Perhaps, the love was not as warm, as one had thought. Maybe, it was based on something more tender? Maybe, such a love was limited for a certain amount of, time? Life is crazy, and so are those, arms.

Sometimes, there are those moments when one can no longer stay in love. It doesn’t matter how warm, delicate, and gentle those arms may have been. One simply can’t stay in this loving relationship. Time moves us forward, and into other loving arms. Maybe, these arms grant us the option of experiencing a greater warmth. Afterall, who wants to stay locked away in a love, which is no longer serving them. Now, that’s crazy! Arms are just as crazy when it comes to certain memories of the psyche. Arms can stretch wide, or tighten for a closer embrace. Whatever, the method, shape, or cradling of certain arms, just know that it’s meant to move beyond limitations. It cross through boundaries; all the while granting life to those, who have missed out on in, the most!

Arms, without a love, not suiting them, anymore. Now, isn’t that a dose of crazy? Then, let love’s memory cradle one, during the storm.

Marion Worth