They often say that in order for one to see progress, one must, try! That relates to love. It pertains to the career aspect, and whatever ambitions one must obtain. In order to get there, one must initiate the first step. The first step is crucial, in order for others to follow through. First, it’s the initial steps, and then one hopes to manifest the adrenaline in following, through. Repetition. Consistency. Determination. Courage. Sometimes, things are not as simple, as they may seem. Quite frankly, the first step can be the most challenging. It’s the most difficult. Some would even argue that it’s down right, impossible. Once you master the initial step, there are other challenges, in which one cannot back down from. That’s the reality.

So, now we are passed that, first step. We are in the trying phase. However, it has become very clear, that trying may not be, enough. Many people try. However, the number of “tries” are not equated to success, are they? People are not successful because they tried. For, tries do not equate to achieving the greatest victory. On the contrary, trying does not mean a person is given the capability of moving into the winner’s circle. Let’s make that abundantly clear! Afterall, the whole purpose of trying is to get into achieving the actual goal. Trying is part of the processing stage. These are the initial, middle, and ending stages in order to claim the victory. In a terse amount of words, staying in the “trying stage” does not equate to success. Hmm. . . Now, we are getting, somewhere.

The problem with those, who are pursuing dreams (and passions) is that they too often stay in the trying phase. What is dangerous about the trying phase is that some people become complicit in that phase. There is just no way to move around it. Plain and simple. Complacency is about staying in that phase of trying, for the sake of saying that one has tried. Too often, people have equated “trying” with being deserving of certain rewards. No. By a long shots. Definitely not. Sometimes, people don’t comprehend the very meaning of moving into a higher plane; a higher frequency. It’s all about the frequency. Every day, through whatever tasks (and dreams) we should be rising. That’s the entire point.

So, there you have it. Goals require more than trying; unless one is content in staying in the “trying” stage. Shall we delve into another taboo? Here we go. One of those pertains to moving into a different layer-a higher layer. The question is, are you willing to go there. Some people have a greater fear of rising into the higher level, in order to reach that certain tier of success. What is it about such a fear, which stifles so many people from rising to the occasion? Perhaps, that’s the reason why the trying phase seems so popular with many people. That particular era does not require a higher ascension. One is not forced to shake away any barriers of one’s emotional and mental psyche. Through such thinking, all one has to do is, try. Sorry to break it to you all, but trying is never enough. It will never be enough, unless you are only keen in, trying.

Life has a way of teaching us some hard lessons. Sometimes, we learn the easy way. Other times, it requires a harder stretch. Try. Try. Try as you might. Just know that goals don’t manifest, until you take, flight! “It’s Not Enough To Try!” Don’t ask. Don’t tell, why! Elevate one’s Spirit, and ascend into greater heights!

Beverly Wolff