“Do. Or do not. There is no try..” — Yoda

A Lunch and Learn

Brooklyn Rail

If you’re anything like us, you love a lunchtime learning session. Brooklyn Rail hosts daily conversations via Zoom for a little lunch and learn. Join them at 1 PM ET Monday through Friday for conversations with filmmakers, artists, writers, and poets. Today’s is with The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Limor Tomer and the International Center of Photography’s Mark Lubell. Join as they discuss what it means to live a creative life in the context of our new social reality.

An Honest Conversation

Honest Conversations: How To Tell Your Boss, Or Your Team, That You’re Struggling To Get It All Done

Join a small group of parent company Talentedly’s career coaches as they discuss some of the finer points of communicating with efficacy and honesty during this unique working environment.

A Factual Guide

Science Vs

Science Vs answers any and all COVID-19 questions you’ve thought about but didn’t know who to ask in this podcast. Host Wendy Zukerman fact-checks it all. This is your ultimate factual and detailed guide to what’s going on.